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Homeschool 101 - Curriculum Line-up #5dayshomeschool101

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Homeschool 101 - Curriculum Line-up on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - On the first day of the Homeschool 101 blog hop hosted by the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we're talking curriculum. This is what we'll be using for Grade 10.

We're coming up on one of my favorite times of year - the beginning of a new homeschool year! Even though my students have never been quite as enthusiastic as I'd like, there is a sense of anticipation to get started on some new things and make this the best year ever. One aspect of the new school year that I particularly like is lining up our curriculum and lesson plans. This year I'll have only one student and our curriculum decisions have been fairly set for awhile. Here's an overview of what Kennady will be studying in her sophomore year.

Grammar and Composition

The Power in Your Hands from Writing with Sharon Watson - this and the fiction course by Sharon Watson have been on my homeschool radar for awhile because I think both would be good for Kennady. We were lucky enough to be able to review The Power in Your Hands this summer and enjoyed it, so we have a little bit of a head start and we're all ready to go in September.

Writing with Sharon Watson Review

Fix-it! Grammar and Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization (both from Institute for Excellence in Writing) - we found both of these courses thanks to Schoolhouse Crew reviews, and they have earned a place in our line-up for this year as well. Fix-It! has been a painless and fun way to go over punctuation, parts of speech, and more; and Kennady and I both enjoyed memorizing poetry so we're hoping to continue to do that as we get back to school.
(Read our review of Poetry Memorization here: Poetry Memorization with Institute for Excellence in Writing)

Institute for Excellence in Writing, A Schoolhouse Crew Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @  Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization  IEW Review


Life of Fred Algebra - Kennady has been taking her time with Algebra since math is a challenge for her. We're going to stick with Life of Fred, but we've got some other tricks up our sleeve to help out.
Back to Homeschool With Pencils, Papers, and Programs on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #TOSReviewCrew #HSConnect #homeschool

CTCMath was a recent review product, and its algebra tutorials are recommended for use as a supplement for high school math rather than as a full course, so that's exactly what we plan to do. (Read our review here: CTCMath - A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

CTCMath - A Schoolhouse Crew Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @

History, Bible, and Literature

Exploring World History from Notgrass will provide credits in all three subjects this year. My boys did just a selection of the novels in the Notgrass high school courses and earned half credits in Literature, but Kennady may do the full credit. We'll see how that goes. It's the one wild card in this year's curriculum line-up!

Curriculum Favorites From the High School Lesson Book on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - part of a round-up of favorite curriculum for the


Biology 101 from Answers in Genesis will be the base for Kennady's required Biology credit. We will probably add some written work from to round it out, as it doesn't have a lot of written work included.


Electives - Co-ops and Classes

Health (BJU Press) - Kennady originally was going to do this required half credit course last year, and made a decent start on it, but when she got bogged down with a bit too much on her plate, this was one thing I said could wait until her Grade 10 year. So we'll take another run at it and hopefully can finish it off without too much effort.

Phys.Ed. - I've just enrolled Kennady in another semester of the co-op gym class my kids have loved for many years. Somebody else teaches Phys.Ed. so I don't have to; she gets to play sports and hang out regularly with her friends (socialization - check); and I get a chance to either hang out with some of my friends or get some errands done in town. Everybody's happy.

Children's Chorus - Kennady will be in the upper level chorus again this year, in an excellent program that provides outstanding music education in choral singing, and some unique travel opportunities as well. We've already got a sneak peek at where the chorus will be traveling next summer so we can start planning! Oh yeah, and Chorus is at least one full credit in Fine Arts.

Homeschool 101 - Curriculum Line-up on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Guitar Lessons - another full music credit will be earned with her guitar lessons for the coming year. She also gets plenty of opportunity to play and sing in worship teams at church.

Homeschool 101 - Curriculum Line-up on Homeschool Coffee Break @

That looks like about 8 credits at least! Wow!

What's in your curriculum line-up for this school year? If you've got a blog post about your high school curriculum (or anything else about homeschooling high school), stop by my high school link-up, From the High School Lesson Book and share with us. Then continue hopping through the rest of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thoughts on curriculum in Day 1 of 5 Days of Homeschool 101.

5 Days of Homeschool 101

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Looks great! I didn't quite have my curriculum together to participate, but will have fun visiting the posts. Have a blessed week.

Leah Courtney said...

Hmm... We're using some of the same. :-) My son is using the Chemistry DVD from Answers in Genesis. I didn't think about supplementing it. Wonder if Schoolhouse Teachers has a chemistry course?

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