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Homeschool Highlights - Personalities

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Homeschool news  . . . We had a lot going on again this week, but overall we managed to get quite a bit done. I'll be turning my attention to some grading this afternoon, to make sure I'm all caught up on that, and to see exactly where we're behind. And where we're ahead too, because it tends to balance! History was the main focus this week, along with Health and Science. If I had to guess, I'd say it's Algebra she's been neglecting, since it is just not her favorite.

We really only had four school days this week too, as we were out all day on Tuesday. Usually Tuesday is sort of a half-day, and Kennady can spend the morning with the schoolbooks, and the afternoon is spent at gym class and evening at chorus rehearsal. This week, however, we had yearbook pictures on Tuesday morning and then went out for lunch with friends before going to gym class.

Other news . . . On Friday evening, Landon picked up the drum kit he'd arranged to purchase, while Kennady and I went to a ladies movie night. The drum kit takes up most of Landon's room now, so I've suggested he rearrange what furniture he can a bit, but it's his room so - whatever. He's happy with his drum kit!

On Saturday morning, we put in some time at the church yard sale, and got rid of a few things from our place, such as the old drum kit we'd borrowed from the church a long time ago! The church did well at the sale, despite cold weather. Kennady and I went shopping in the afternoon and brought home Chinese take-out for dinner, while the guys went to a concert in the evening.

Other evenings this week were also busy - I had a homeschool group meeting on Monday night, at which I talked myself into taking on some extra responsibilities; we had CAP and choirs as usual on Tuesday; Trunk or Treat at church on Wednesday; and I had another homeschool group meeting yesterday. And during the days, the hubster was headed to Baltimore every day because he was serving jury duty. Definitely a packed and busy week.

Some pictures from Trunk or Treat - I took very few, since I was busy serving coffee and hot cider all evening.

Homeschool Highlights - Personalities  on Homeschool Coffee Break  @
Kennady sang with the band, Forword.

Homeschool Highlights - Personalities  on Homeschool Coffee Break  @
fixing lipstick 

Homeschool Highlights - Personalities  on Homeschool Coffee Break  @
She even won the Teen Costume Contest.
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Joanne said...

Oh I have been thinking of take out Chinese food all afternoon... really thinking I may have to make that happen for dinner tonight.

Jen|Practical, By Default said...

Looks like you had a great time, Chinese sounds great :) lol

Annette said...

So what is the TRUNK part of the trunk and treat? I's a new concept for me.

Kym said...

Trunk or Treat - for those who aren't familiar with it - is trick-or-treating in a parking lot, where everyone brings their car/truck and decorates the trunk or hatch with a theme. We basically create a safe and condensed "neighborhood" in our church parking lot and have a party.

~a homemaker said...

Sounds like a great week! Isn't it refreshing to participate in yard sales and free up space :)

I'm linking up for the first time.

Leah Courtney said...

I really like the mime costume! Your CrossTimber mugs are beautiful. I wasn't on that review, but I like seeing what you all got. :-)

K Quinn said...

Love those CrossTimber products :) You had a busy week!

Laura O in AK said...

We ended up skipping Trunk or Treat this year. The school my third son used to attend has one the Friday night closest to Halloween. But, this year it was my youngest son's birthday. So, we stayed close to home.

Those CrossTimber products look awesome. Has me interested for the future for everyone to have the meaning of their name.

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