Wednesday, December 7, 2016

52 Lists #48 - To Do In December

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52 Lists #48 - To Do in December on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Time for another to-do list of the month, for this week's assignment from 52 Lists at Beauty Full Slow. Like pretty much everyone else, I have way too much to do in December. Let's see how long my list gets before I need to actually go DO something on the list.

  1. Clean my house. My parents are coming for the holidays, so there's some extra motivation to whip this place back into some kind of acceptable shape.
  2. Decorate the house. No, I haven't finished decorating for Christmas yet. I'm going to keep it simple though. Not much beyond getting the tree decorated.
  3. Get some Christmas cards and letters out. Part of me thought maybe I'd just skip the Christmas letter this year, but with a new grandbaby to brag on, I've got to send out something!
  4. Christmas gifts. Again, the gift list isn't very long, and we're trying to keep it simple, but we need to do it.
  5. Get a new dishwasher. I think we just missed another sale on the model I'm in favor of, so I'll have to be watching for the next chance. The old dishwasher is just gross, and I'm so done with it.
  6. Silver-ize my hair. I made that word up. I'm just waiting on my Overtone to arrive and I can get on this. 
  7. Concerts and Christmas parties. There are several of these still to come!
  8. Plan our next trip to Columbus. We're taking my mom and dad with us, and the boys will come this time too, so that they all can meet the newest member of the family!
52 Lists #48 - To Do in December on Homeschool Coffee Break @

It is December, and no one asked if I was ready. ~Sarah Kay

For real. How about you? Are you ready for December, or did it sneak up on you? Leave a comment and let me know, and visit Beauty Full Slow to see other to-do lists for this month!

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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