Friday, March 17, 2017

Homeschool Highlights - St Patrick's Day

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Homeschool Highlights - St. Patrick's Day on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #HomeschoolHighlights #homeschool

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Homeschool Highlights - St. Patrick's Day on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #HomeschoolHighlights #homeschool
St Patrick's Day travel mug courtesy of my
Secret Sister, who obviously knows me well,
even though I don't know who she is!
Homeschool news  . . . Kennady had an extra choir rehearsal on Saturday, so she got an early start to the homeschool week. On Monday we were determined to stick to some of the new routines we'd discussed, and although not everything went exactly as planned, I thought we were much improved as far as getting stuff done. Yay! We made strides in Algebra and got Science going, so now we need to make sure we don't forget about Grammar and Composition or anything else just because we have our 'problem' subjects back on track.

Kennady is still using (and loving) Creating A MasterpieceThe Homeschool Review Crew reviews for this great art resource will start posting on Monday, but I know Kennady will continue creating well after that!

Peacock Feathers by KAT, March 2017

We are moving forward with our plans for a full school-year middle and high school level co-op starting up in the fall. We had another meeting Thursday evening (followed by the monthly homeschool moms Encouragement Group meeting) to continue discussing all the details. It's pretty exciting - and sometimes a bit scary - to be getting this off the ground! I'm sure we'll find it quite a learning curve too.

Other news . . .

Last Friday there was a lunch party at my husband's work to celebrate his twenty year anniversary at the greenhouse. Pretty impressive! Our two sons were able to represent the family at the party - Kennady didn't want to go, and I was at work.

After a fairly quiet weekend, we were gearing up for a late spring snowfall expected to start Monday evening. And yes, everything was cancelled for Monday night and all day Tuesday due to the snow, even though it wasn't quite as much as forecast. Still, a foot or so of snow in mid-March was quite something, especially after a winter in which we had very little snow overall. So probably a good idea to cancel gym class and choir and all those other things. And we enjoyed a quiet day at home (and got a little extra school done too!).

Homeschool Highlights - St. Patrick's Day on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #HomeschoolHighlights #homeschool

Homeschool Highlights - St. Patrick's Day on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #HomeschoolHighlights #homeschool

Without a shopping trip on Tuesday like I would normally have done, I had to adjust my expectations for Pi Day a little. We still had a meat pi(e) for dinner, and I made a banana cream pie and a chocolate cream pie, but no elaborate pi-shape cutouts on top crusts like I usually do!

And of course, today is St Patrick's Day, so we all enjoyed our traditional Irish breakfast of Lucky Charms! We'll have corned beef for dinner and I baked some rye bread already, and will be baking Barm Brack later today. (recipe below!)

Homeschool Highlights - St. Patrick's Day on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #HomeschoolHighlights #homeschool

What I'm Learning . . . I've been learning a lot about art, architecture, and some historical buildings and sites as I've been preparing posts for the Blogging Through the Alphabet link-up hosted by two blogging buddies of mine. My two most recent features were the Irish Brigade Monument at Gettysburg, and Hagia Sophia in Turkey.

Irish Brigade Monument - Blogging Through the Alphabet on Homeschool Coffee Break @  #ABCBloggoing #Irish #CivilWar

Irish Brigade Monument - Blogging Through the Alphabet on Homeschool Coffee Break @  #ABCBloggoing #Irish #CivilWar

Hagia Sophia - Blogging Through the Alphabet on Homeschool Coffee Break @  #ABCBlogging

Hagia Sophia - Blogging Through the Alphabet on Homeschool Coffee Break @  #ABCBlogging

And of course, I've been learning so much from the other participating bloggers too, each of whom has a different theme for their alphabet posts. Hostess Annette has been sharing a Canadian theme, for example, and there are Bible verse themes and Working while Homeschooling, and so much more!

I recommend . . . baking this delicious Irish bread, Barm Brack. It's a slightly sweet loaf full of raisins and currants, and it's delicious served toasted with butter. Maybe with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea.

You can find the recipe (and some St. Patrick's Day info) in my original post: A Taste of Europe - St. Patrick's Day

A Taste of Europe - St Patricks Day @

On my blogs last week . . .

And on my book blog, Just A Second:
Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I finished and reviewed To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden, and I've been reading:

Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer by Peggy Miracle Consolver
My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Priscilla’s Reveille by Erica Vetsch
The Faery Bride by Lisa Ann Verge (I can't really recommend this, and I may wind up shelving it soon.)

A parting shot . . .

Homeschool Highlights - St. Patrick's Day on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #HomeschoolHighlights #homeschool

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Unknown said...

That Irish bread looks yummy!

Annette said...

We had about Irish meal tonight as well. :)

Joanne said...

We had our St. Patrick's day meal last week since my husband has been gone this week and my boys don't really like corned beef. I must try making my own rye bread though; my two older boys just recently tried some and really enjoyed it...

Kelly Kiggins-Lund said...

Kennedy is doing a great job with her artwork! Andrew has been fighting me with even trying the tutorials. He thinks art should just be drawing whatever you want using your imagination. No instructions. No techniques. *Sigh* He has said he would like to improve his art skills but he doesn't think that's the way and there is NO changing his mind.

I really enjoyed your post about the Irish Brigade. Thanks again for sharing it. When the weather warms and the snow stops falling, I'm going to have to go hunting for the monument! :)

Deann H said...

You made it such a fun week! I enjoyed reading your ideas.

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