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Homeschool Highlights - The Week I Was Rarely at Home

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Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I was definitely using a travel mug for my coffee this week! Good thing we have plenty of them, because they got a workout.

Homeschool news  . . . Almost all our subjects were on hold this week, since Kennady started Drivers Ed classes. Her class is every morning for two weeks, so a couple of half days of school is the best we could have managed this week. We tried to polish off a bit of Science and took a quick run at some math and history, and that's about all. I did, however, need to catch up grading so I could do a final report card and submit grades for the transcript. And I met with my reviewer so she could look over our portfolio, and discuss the course title changes I made. I'm delaying the award of one of the credits until next year rather than split it over two years. I also changed one course title to better reflect what we did, and cut out one credit that we'd planned to do. That was kind of discouraging, until I realized that I hadn't planned on an Art credit this year, but she sure earned one, so I got to add a bonus class to the transcript!

Other news . . . Last weekend was positively dull compared to the two weekends before! But in a good way, because it wasn't quite as busy. On Saturday, Kennady and I did attend a farewell party for a homeschool family in our group that will soon be moving out of state.

This week has been one that made me feel like we were living out of our car! Each morning was a trip to town to get Kennady to Drivers Ed, and then a round of other appointments, meetings, and errands while she was in class or after I picked her up. Thankfully, one of her very good friends that lives not too far from us is in the class as well, so that mom and I have been sharing the pick-up duties. The four of us went out for lunch one day, and then that entire afternoon was spent with other friends and was actually very relaxing. And bonus - saved me from going home in the middle of the day only to return an hour later for the next round of commitments! 

I also had a little time to spend relaxing and chatting around a campfire with friends one evening. And on Wednesday evening, the youth activity was archery tag, which looked like a lot of fun. 

Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I've been reading:

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A parting shot . . .  I need to start taking more pictures. My camera broke (well, the cover for the battery case) so I haven't been using it much, and I often forget that my phone takes great pictures. The best of these archery tag photos are actually from a friend's phone!

Homeschool Highlights - The Week I was Rarely at Home on Homeschool Coffee Break @

This weekly summary post has been shorter than usual, thanks to my extremely busy week. I doubt next week will be much different, but as of now there are not quite as many things already written on the calendar. Although that can and probably will change!

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Chrystal Bliske said...

Looks like you had a great week! Drivers Education classes are so thrilling and scary at the same time. My son does his later this summer... I don't know if I'm more scared for him or excited lol

Annette V said...

Archery tag looks fun! I don't know if I'll get a highlights posted or not this week, I have a ton to do.

Mother of 3 said...

My boys just pulled out their bows and arrows today playing around with shooting, having a contest to see who could shoot it the farthest.

Brenda Prince said...

Archery looks like so much fun. We have a club on base, but I'm just not sure Garrett's ready.. Maybe in a year or two.

Mother of 3 said...

I nominated you for a blogger recognition award;

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