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Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight

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Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Yes, hockey season has started. I admit I have paid little attention so far - too busy to do much other than check the previous day's box scores each morning as I drink my coffee!

Homeschool news  . . . This was another of those weeks that felt so busy that I was sort of shocked that we didn't fall behind in schoolwork. Or at least not any further behind . . . Mostly Kennady is on track, but she is finding it hard with all the busy-ness to keep everything up to date. Co-op homework must take priority, and she is doing fine with History, so once again it's algebra that takes the hit. Co-op classes went well yesterday, but the Speech and Presentation class was cancelled. 

Other news . . . On Saturday Landon, Kennady, and I went to HersheyPark with some friends. It was the first time I'd ever been to go on the rides, believe it or not! Since the five kids were all teens, we let them go do their thing, and my friend and I did ours. She said it was the first time in all the years she's been going to HersheyPark that she was able to spend the day doing what she wanted to do. And it was the first time I could remember being at an amusement park where I really didn't have to be responsible for keeping track of people or navigating the park map. And the kids had a great time doing what they wanted to do, so the day was a success!

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Then once the week got under way, we were just plain busy with the usual things, plus somehow I needed to make time to help Kennady get her costume ready for our church Trunk or Treat event.

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Trunk or Treat happened on Wednesday evening, and was a huge hit! Our family had three cars there to hand out candy, and we were kept hopping as we helped out where needed throughout the evening. We estimated somewhere around 500 people attended, which means we almost doubled last year's estimated attendance!

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

The week is ending with a bit of a mixed bag. Yesterday our son and his family arrived for a visit, which means I get to see my darling granddaughter, so that is wonderful! Our daughter has been having some difficult experiences to go through lately, and yesterday was particularly trying, although there's both positive and negative in that. And then this morning, our third son had a minor accident on his way to work - no injuries, no one else involved, but our truck is damaged and I'm sure the insurance hit will be significant. That was awful. I mean - so happy that he wasn't hurt, but so frustrated that we are going to have to go through this whole vehicle repair/insurance claim nonsense again. 

Funny, Flop, or Fail of the Week . . . This week's fails are not necessarily my fault, and not really homeschool related, but just an example of the crazy. This is the season when crews are out doing all kinds of roadwork, but it is especially nuts near our place. There's a stretch of road close by our place that is being resurfaced and the delays to through traffic are L-O-N-G. There are two other places on the way to town that have roadwork ongoing as well. So getting anywhere on time this week was an extra difficult challenge, and I didn't have much control over it. But golly, pretty much every day. And I clearly don't allow enough time for the possible delay, and there were a couple of days I clean forgot until I was sitting at this stop sign!

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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A parting shot . . . Not really sure why she loves Halloween so much, but it did make for a couple of cute pictures.

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Week Eight on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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I saw a post you did on Facebook this week of the green hat and I suspected it might be Peter Pan - great costume! Thanks for linking up with me and boy, road construction can sure be frustrating! In my neck of the woods, it seems like they are constantly working somewhere in the city... This was a fun read!

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