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Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - Week Twenty-Six

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Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

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Grab a cup of coffee and let's get started!

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

There's no way to tell from the picture, but this cup of coffee and these coffee beans are special. The green beans were soaked in a whiskey barrel before we roasted them. Once roasted and brewed, the smell and taste is different, but not one we'd easily identify as whiskey. One of the fun things I get to do at work!
Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

Homeschool news  . . . So I just about had a stroke at co-op yesterday when the French instructor mentioned that it's the end of third quarter. What???? How did that happen and I didn't notice? I mean, we don't need to do quarterly report cards, so in a sense it doesn't affect us at all, but it's a mile marker along the road telling us we should be about three quarters of the way through our courses by now. And I've got to admit that I doubt we are there - at least not in Algebra! So. Guess what Kennady is working on today? Hopefully algebra. I say "hopefully" because the internet is really spotty today so she has been having a tough time watching the video lessons.

Thankfully everything else is on track, or pretty close. This is the second week of the Literary Analysis unit in our co-op writing class, so no big writing assignment this week, meaning a bit more time for other things. I decided to go kind of slow motion through Literary Analysis since none of the students have written that kind of paper before, and some of them are not that fond of reading either.

Our co-op has started taking registrations for next year from returning families, and we have our proposed class list for next year. We've got a great selection of courses and it looks like Kennady will be taking French II, Public Speaking II, and High School Fiction Writing. And possibly Intro to Business. 

Other news . . . For the most part, this was a rather uneventful week, but in the middle of all the ordinary, Tuesday stood out a bit. Kennady went to work at the music shop on Tuesday morning, as she's been doing occasionally over the past couple of weeks. And although she wasn't super thrilled about getting up and heading out that morning, she had a great day - she got paid to tune all the guitars and ukuleles in the store! Talk about a dream job for her, right?! She'll be working there one day a week regularly for the next little while. Great fit for a part time job for her! Also on Tuesday, Spencer had a job interview and was hired on the spot! He started yesterday. Good news that he is back to work, and that the restaurant he's working at now is in Westminster, where I work. But it will probably put a bit of pressure on us as far as vehicles again. Since he and I work close to each other, and will likely have similar hours, we'll see if we can share the ride on the days when we both work.

This week the renovation project at church was completed! Just a few little details to finish up, but this Sunday we'll have the dedication! This was how it looked last Sunday.

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

And then this guy had to step into the picture. I guess he has a right to be in a picture and be proud of his contribution to all the work! He can also be proud because he received a promotion to Captain in Civil Air Patrol this week!

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

March comes in like a lion or a lamb, we're told. I'm having trouble deciding which to call it, because March 1st was a fairly nice day. But starting in the evening, a nor'easter was blowing in and it definitely became lion-like at that point! High winds and a little snow. We're under a weather advisory because of the risk associated with the high winds today. This morning there were trees and utility poles down around our place, causing me to detour to get to work. Internet has been spotty all day so far, which is partially to blame for this post being late!

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

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Funny, Flop, or Fail of the Week . . .  I waited until late Tuesday before trying to grade the essays my students handed in last week, and then realized that I hadn't made copies of the grading summary I fill out for each student. Rats. No problem, I thought. I'll make the copies on Wednesday and get them done before bed. Not so much. Still, I didn't panic, because I was confident I could finish the grading during the French class, the Writing class being the second one of the morning. But I still couldn't get them done! I don't know why it seemed to take so much longer this time - it's not like the essays were longer than usual. So for the first time, I had to tell the students that I'd give those back sometime AFTER class when I finished. I did manage to get all but two back to the students, so I guess it was a decent salvage.

So that was my Fail. An ironically funny moment came when we finalized the proposed class list and schedule for next year's co-op - and my Writing class will be first thing in the morning. Like at 8am. Who can do creative writing that early in the morning? Looks like I'll be bringing a coffeemaker to class!!

I'm sharing this Fail in the weekly link-up called Friday Funnies, Flops, & Fails co-hosted by Doodlemom's Homeschooling Life and Hopkins Homeschool.

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A parting shot . . . My son and daughter-in-law gave me this Coke art for Christmas; and the mug rack next to it was a gift from my other sons and my daughter. Finally, both are displayed in my dining room!

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

Homeschool Highlights - Lion Edition - WEek 26 on Homeschool Coffee Break

Believe it or not, we're hoping to get rid of that wallpaper and paint the dining room sometime soon, so that will mean everything comes down and we start all over again!

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