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Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition, Week Twenty-nine

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Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Back to a wintry looking cup. But I was ready for spring to arrive for real.

Homeschool news  . . . This week started out with great promise and I was happy with how much Kennady got done, working on Algebra, History, and French. Then we wound up with a snow day on the first day of spring (how ironic), which wasn't entirely a bad thing since we could stay home and continue doing school instead of run about. She missed her guitar lesson because of the snow, but had that time to spend on other schoolwork so all was well. Sadly, the parking lot at the church we use for our co-op could not be cleared in time for us to have classes on Thursday morning, so we cancelled. That turned out to be a good thing in a way, because Kennady and I both woke up with scratchy throats and hardly any voices. I let her sleep late but then once again we had some extra time to work on school at home.

In other co-op news, a lady that had planned on teaching three of the high school classes for next year found out she'll be unable to do it, so we went to work on finding other teachers in hopes of still offering the classes. I decided to teach the US History class. I'm excited and just a bit nervous. It's the Notgrass Exploring America course that Kennady is doing next year anyway, which made it something relatively easy for me to agree to. Although I'll have to have lesson plans and do grading for at least three or four other students, at least we'll be compelled to stick diligently to a schedule, and I'll have a little income for it. We managed to move things on the co-op schedule a bit so we can still offer the high school science class, but we are still in search of a teacher for the high school health class.

Other news . . . Last weekend we finally got two of the five of us to the eye doctor for updated prescriptions. Landon and hubby needed to order new contacts so they were priority. Landon is interested in Lasik surgery, so we're going to a consult for that. Spencer and Kennady are next to the eye doctor. I won't need to do that for awhile. Next thing will be the dentist for all of us. Ugh.

Spencer's car got dropped off for repairs on Monday and we've been driving a rental vehicle since then. We just got word that his car won't be ready until next Friday. In the meantime, I am starting to shop around for new auto insurance, which is not exactly fun.

The snow started on Tuesday, which didn't affect our morning activities - Kennady and I both went to work in the morning as usual, but I did pick her up from work a bit early so she could go with me for a co-op board meeting. While I was in my meeting, she was supposed to be studying French with the other girls. Instead they mostly giggled and goofed off, as far as I can tell! Nothing wrong with that! We ran a few errands while we were in town, and then I got Kennady to drive home. I figured we should take the opportunity to let her practice driving in winter conditions since the chance (hopefully!!) wouldn't come again until after she's able to get her license! She did great. And then everything was cancelled on Tuesday evening so we got to stay home.  Same thing happened on Wednesday, and the boys didn't have to go to work either! We had high hopes of things being back to normal on Thursday, as the guys all went to work and we felt confident we could all get out of our driveways. The roads were fine too, but unfortunately the co-op parking lot couldn't be cleared and wasn't safe for us to go to co-op. Kennady and I holed up at home and nursed our sore throats in the morning, ran some errands in the afternoon, and went to worship team practices in the evening. Kennady's voice held out pretty well, but mine was far more gravelly by the end of practice than I would have liked! Hopefully I'll have a voice again by Sunday.

So this is what the first two days of spring looked like this year:

Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

What I Loved This Week . . . exploring the cheese department of Wegman's with Landon and finding some new things we wanted to try. We finally settled on Armenian String Cheese, and it was an excellent choice. We had soup and toasted cheese "sandwiches" for dinner one night - Armenian String Cheese in pita bread. Wegman's has just found one more way to take the money right out of my pockets, because I will definitely get that cheese again!

Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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A parting shot . . .  This sign at the local coffee place makes me laugh. I'm ever so curious about how the beans are "roasted by human hands," aren't you?

Homeschool Highlights - Spring Snow Edition: Week 29 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Gale said...

That snow looks beautiful!

Deann H said...

We got a lot of snow too! Good job Kennady for handling driving in it, that's a great skill to learn.

Joesette said...

We have a similar situation with our co-op, except it's our middle school director who is moving. We're scrambling to adjust the schedule and find teachers as well.

Joanne said...

I am so thankful that our winter storm mostly missed us. We were braced for another 12-16 inches and ended up with just 2! We still have giant piles from the last storm and I keep hoping spring will be here soon. I am so ready!

Notgrass History said...

Regarding auto insurance, I've always gotten competitive rates and good service through the Farm Bureau. :-)

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