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Homeschool Graduation - A Traditional and Personal Celebration (at Heart and Soul)

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Homeschool Graduation - A Traditional and Personal Celebration on Homeschool Coffee Break @

It's hard to believe, but our homeschool year - and our entire homeschool journey! - is almost at an end. In just a few short weeks, my youngest student will be graduating, and we are especially busy getting coursework wrapped up and planning our graduation celebrations. 

We belong to a homeschool oversight group that plans a graduation ceremony for our high school graduates each year, and it's a very special event that includes many of the features of a traditional high school commencement, as well as some personal touches. The class size varies, and with it the amount of customization that we can do. We've had just two grads participate in a ceremony, and we've had a couple of large classes. And by "large", I mean about fifteen students!

Our commencement exercises include the traditional things you'd expect at a large school ceremony - Pomp and Circumstance, presentation of diplomas, and a commencement address - and with a small class size, we can include a couple of worship songs (usually led by grads!), a slideshow of photos of each of the grads accompanied by music of their choice, and a program that includes a brief bio of each of the grads. Since homeschooling parents have taken such a personal responsibility for education, it is only fitting that the parents present the diploma and turn the tassel for their student. 

Diplomas and grad gifts are available from (See our reviews of their diplomas and other products: Diplomas for Homeschool Grads and Homeschool Diploma - Celebrating Homeschool Graduations). 

Join me over at Heart and Soul for the rest of this article! And as always, you'll find lots of helpful articles there about all kinds of homeschool topics.

How do you plan to celebrate homeschool graduation? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Joanne said...

Thankfully I still have 3 years to figure out what we're going to do. How wonderful that you have such a large group of peers to do this with; we don't know of one single other homeschooler my oldest son's age.

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