Monday, July 22, 2019

Coffee Break Reading List (July 22, 2019)

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Some of the things around the web that I've been reading or exploring during recent coffee breaks:
  • On The Christian Post, David Jeremiah warns modern church is entertainment-driven social organization afraid of controversy:  "Christians have two major markers in their lives: When they become Christians, and when they go to Heaven. But most Christians don't know what to do in between those two markers, and that's because churches don't teach them . . . The whole idea that God expects us to build character in our lives is a foreign thing to so many people because it hasn't been taught and explained from our pulpits."  The article talks about the downside of focusing too much on being 'relevant' and the numbers. Jeremiah observes that good things happen when churches preach and teach the truth, worship God, and do effective discipleship. I guess there's nothing wrong with keeping track of some numbers, because we do need a measure of some kind, but we need to keep in mind that each number represents lives changed and impacted. 
  • At LiveAction, Man with Down Syndrome wins prestigious 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award. The Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the New York region went to John Cronin and his father, Mark, as winners in the 'Mission Driven' category. John has Down Syndrome, and after high school, he found that there weren't many job opportunities for people with different abilities. He wanted to make "crazy socks" and wanted to make a difference, so he and his dad launched the business John's Crazy Socks, and as Chief Happiness Officer, John home delivers every order! Congratulations John!! If you don't know, I work a couple days a week at a small batch coffee roastery where our Chief Roaster, Erin, has Down Syndrome, and one of our associates, Chris, has Asperger's. They are both outstanding at their jobs! And that's why this story caught my attention. 
  • Sally Matheny: Tell the Next Generation had a recent book review that intrigued me: Holy In The Moment by Ginger Harrington. It's a book about practicing holiness during the everyday moments of our lives, big and small. "Holiness inhabits the small things, faith for our moments, simple and short." The review included a giveaway, and I was blessed to win! So I'll be able to spend more coffee break time soon reading this book!
  • The Freedom Homechooling blog wonders If People Reacted to Public Schooling Like They Do Homeschooling: I've often wondered about this. What if the kinds of comments and questions people make about homeschooling were turned around? I mean, when I meet someone who has kids in public school, I don't quiz the kids on spelling or math facts. I don't say things like, "Wow, I could never do that," or "Don't you worry about socialization?" (Images on Facebook by Amanda Abdallah (Instagram))

Some fun things I've found during coffee breaks:

This video produced to promote the library as a great resource for students wanting good grades. I thought it was really well done and humorous!

This set of maps on The Language Nerds showing the literal meanings of country names all over the world:

Some things Homeschool Review Crew members are sharing:
The Heart Changer - A Homeschool Coffee Break Book Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @
  • Also on the Crew blog, articles like 5 Ways to Reset a Bad Homeschool Day - useful tips no matter what age kids you have!
  • I'm featuring fellow Crew blogger A Net in Time today, especially her article Want to learn keyboarding?  Keyboarding is a useful - I would say essential! - skill to have, and this article explains why. And she includes a list of websites and resources to check out if keyboarding is something you'd like to work on in your homeschool.

What I've been reading during longer coffee breaks:


Found anything interesting on the web lately? Read any good books? Leave a comment and let me know!

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LM Preston said...

Okay, the library video did make me laugh, it was good. The meme art today is cute, I like the one "I could never ..."

Annette said...

Oh Kym! Thank you! you made my heart smile. :) The Heart Changer was an interesting book wasn't it? Holy in the Moment sounds like a book I would enjoy reading.

Kristen of A Mom's Quest to Teach said...

Interesting read David Jeremiah's observations. I have several books by him and have enjoyed those I have read. In fact, it was with The Turning Point that I first read through the Bible in one year three years ago.

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