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Homeschool Highlights - The Week We Thought Ahead

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I may have been thinking ahead about a lot of things during the week, but I did NOT think ahead about getting this post ready. So I'm sorry it's so late!!

This week's news  . . . Friday was still part of our staycation, as we had one more visit scheduled to a conservatory. Right after lunch at home, we headed out to Longwood Gardens. It's about a two hour drive, and we decided to go later in the day so we could stay for the water fountain and light show in the evening.

The conservatory at Longwood is large and beautiful, and boasts a courtyard of water lily ponds in its center. Also in the conservatory is an amazing pipe organ! 

Longwood has many outdoor gardens, including this gorgeous Italian styled garden with fountains.

We didn't see much of Kennady on this visit, since she was able to take a friend along and they went off to explore what they were interested in. So the hubster and I could take a more leisurely pace, which suited me fine - it was a pretty hot day! We all met up for dinner together, and then for the light show at the end of the day.

Fountain garden during daylight

Fountain garden after dark

Fountain garden during the musical light show
We got home very late, so it was a treat to sleep in on Saturday morning! The hubster and I went to a AA baseball game (with fireworks) in the evening. We actually were double dating with our son's best friend and his wife! Landon and his girlfriend were on a date at the game too, but they had purchased their tickets earlier and weren't sitting with us.

Sunday was also a day with a relaxed pace, although we did attend church in the morning. We got Chinese food takeout for lunch and then took it easy. In the evening, a storm rolled in as we watched the sunset.

I wish I could share panorama photos full size here! 

We ended the evening with fresh baked za'atar bread, Armenian string cheese, and cold cuts. Kennady said she thought I should bake this middle eastern style flatbread regularly, so I guess I'll try to do just that!

Then it was back to work on Monday! It was the last day at Spencer's job, and he started on new job on Tuesday. Kennady also worked on Tuesday, but her work schedule will have to change once she starts college classes. She'll work next week as usual, and then will take a couple of weeks to see how her class schedule shapes up and how much time she'll have available for a bit of part-time work. I also looked ahead to my work schedule going forward, and will have a slightly different work week starting in September.

On Wednesday we looked ahead to Kennady's school year by attending the college orientation day. There were sessions for students and for parents. To be honest, neither Kennady nor I learned anything earth-shattering. She was supposed to get her student ID card, but there were some technical difficulties so we'll have to go back to do that next week. And she was also planning to buy her textbooks, but the line was really long and it was late in the day. So at that point, we figured we were coming back for the card - why not get the textbooks then? 

I'm also thinking ahead about how much longer I'll continue to host Homeschool Highlights. After all, I'm not really homeschooling any more. Hmmmm.

What's New . . . we'll soon have new schedules, and will have to figure out how to sort of vehicles on at least four days of every week!

We just got started on a new review! Watch for new artwork coming soon, followed by our review of the new  Drawing Program offered by Creating a Masterpiece.
Creating a Masterpiece

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Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I finished and reviewed The Yellow Lantern: True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime by Angie Dicken, and I've been reading:

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A parting shot . . . when we can't be totally serious while taking photos of the sunset.

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