Monday, September 16, 2019

A Conservatory Tour PhotoJournal - Longwood Gardens

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At long last, and about a month after our vacation, I am sharing the last batch of the photos! Our final conservatory visit of the Summer of Kennady was Longwood Gardens. There is a large and beautiful glasshouse conservatory at Longwood, but so much more. We had a friend of Kennady's join us, and we went a bit later in the day so we could stay for the light show in the evening.

The theme of the vacation was conservatories, so we did go to the glasshouses first.

The conservatory boasts a library and a small ballroom as well, and is home to a very impressive custom pipe organ. We took the 'backstage' tour to see the pipes and learn a bit about the organ and how it works.

All the pipes are in sealed, climate controlled chambers. You can see that one of those chambers holds a grand piano, and yes the pipes and stops are connected to the grand piano!

The courtyard in the center of the glasshouses has several ponds full of water lilies and other water plants.

Orchids and tropicals, of course!

This is part of the children's garden in the conservatory.

It was a hot, humid day, so we appreciated the opportunities to sit and enjoy a bit of shade. The many water features also helped to refresh.

The hubster and I did not climb the tower, but Kennady and William did. We decided we would just enjoy the medieval looking feature from a distance.

The Italian garden is one of my favorite spots. 

The staff got started lighting all the luminaries about an hour before sundown - looks like a huge job!

And we settled down to await sundown and the lighted fountain show.

And before we left, we went back to the water lily gardens to see the night blooming lilies. My photos aren't great, and of course they don't capture the fragrance.

I hope you've enjoyed the little glimpses of our conservatory tours!



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Joanne said...

SO beautiful! I remember posing for my grandmother with my hand held out towards one of those giant lily pads so she could show the size comparison. I'd love to head back one day and see the light show at night.

Lori said...

Oh, I want to visit!! I was able to visit Longwood Gardens when I was 13 and on a trip with a youth organization to the area. It was a fabulous, long, 3 week trip and Longwood is one of the beautiful places we were able to see. Thank you for bringing back the memories.

Annette said...

excellent pictures, you brought the place to life for me. :)

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