Friday, January 10, 2020

Homeschool Highights - Snow and Cold

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Yeah, that's my newest mug! I changed the mugs around so all the Tim Hortons ones are on the mug rack. And I do not have too many, in case my husband asks. 

This week's news  . . . On Saturday we made a start on clearing out our upstairs hallway, which had become a storage area for all kinds of random things. Honestly, rather embarrassing how cluttered it was! We're clearing it out and planning to paint.

We also took down the tree and put away Christmas on Saturday. My usual plan is that it has to stay up until Epiphany, but since we needed room to work as we cleared the hallway and moved some furniture, I gave in and took everything down a couple days early. 

Other than that, our weekend was quiet and we were back to our routines on Monday. The girls don't start classes until February, so they had extra free time this week. Kennady registered for her ensemble and one-on-one voice and guitar lessons at the college one day - and got her updated bill. The scholarship money had covered all the tuition to this point, and we are pretty sure that the amount she's still eligible to receive will cover the updated amount too. We are praying that we have calculated right, and that the funds are disbursed quickly! Meaghan has to get her transcript from her previous college before completing her registration, so we're praying that it comes quickly and she's able to get into the classes she needs.

On Tuesday afternoon we finally got some snow - the first for this winter! A couple inches of big fluffy flakes that stuck to everything. For the most part the roads weren't too bad, just a few slick spots, but unfortunately those few slick spots did cause some accidents. Landon and Meaghan stopped to help one lady who had slid into a ditch and had her vehicle tip onto its side! The lady was fine, and they had a story to tell. And hopefully, they were reminded to drive cautiously at all times, but especially in inclement weather!

Wednesday morning there were a few leftover snow squalls before it cleared to a bright, cold winter sky.

We were very glad the roads were clear Wednesday evening, because we'd gathered a group of Landon's friends to celebrate his birthday with us at the Hershey Bears hockey game. 



Check out this crazy crowd! So fun! I was the photographer, and the hubster was holding my stuff, so we're not in the picture. My only disappointment of the evening! (Okay, also disappointed that the Bears didn't win the game.)

Despite the roads being clear, we still had an adventure when we tried to take Will home. There was enough snow on the gravel lane leading up to his place that our non-four-wheel-drive vehicle couldn't get enough traction on the hill. We took a good run at it, but it didn't seem promising, and Kennady was freaking out (I'm guessing as a result of hearing the story about the lady tipping into the ditch the night before) so we didn't push our luck. Someone drove down in a more suitable vehicle to meet us.

I was back at co-op classes on Thursday, and we also got some planning done for our upcoming Open House days and even for next school year's classes. I stopped at a friend's for a visit on my way home and enjoyed a quiet evening at home, mostly alone. I needed to warm up after a very chilly day - the heat wasn't working right in the co-op building!

What I'm Highlighting . . . something new here at Homeschool Coffee Break! I started a new link-up this week that I'm hoping will be simple and fun. Every other week I'll share a list-style writing prompt and invite you to link up your list, and wherever the prompt takes you. Join in - Twenty-Six Lists - Goals for 2020

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A parting shot . . . When the kids bought Play-Doh for Vee, they also bought themselves some to play with. So most evenings, my young adults are playing with Play-Doh. I noticed the colors of this burger (?) were similar to the Homeschool Highlights logo!

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What good Samaritans you're raising! I bet she was happy for the help. The snow does look so pretty.

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