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Suddenly Homeschooling - Pro Tips - Resources for You!

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Now that school at home is the reality for the rest of this school year, many are settled in and doing their best to get things done. A lot of school districts and teachers are doing a great job getting guidance and instruction delivered online, but it's still a challenge! Even for those that were already homeschooling, there are new challenges when libraries aren't open and co-ops aren't meeting.  Whether you're doing school at home just until your school reopens or you've jumped in for another reason, it's a major adjustment. Whatever your situation, you may need some additional resources or ideas for learning at home. Here are some resources we've used or reviewed that you may find helpful!

This is probably the most versatile and comprehensive web resource available for home educating. Whether you need a full curriculum or just some supplements, has you covered, and for a very reasonable price. With more than 460 courses for all age and grade levels, record-keeping resourcesand so much more, chances are very good that you will find what you need there! One membership includes access for the entire family so you won't need to buy one for your high schooler, another for your middle schooler, and yet another for your grade schooler. Additional resources in the Just For Parents sectionFocused Learning CentersHigh School Help, and Help with Special Needs sections are valuable as well. Pricing plans are available starting at $10 (US dollars)

Where to start? Some suggestions:

Learning Online

There is so much available online, and that is the quickest way to get access to resources right now, when time is of the essence. Many homeschool curriculum providers have extensive online offerings, and I can't begin to name them all. Look through the list of my reviews of homeschool products and you'll see many web resources included: My Reviews page. A couple of highlights to get you started:

Creating A Masterpiece ~ Drawing Lessons ~ - This art curriculum website has been one of our favorites. This review was the drawing lessons, which I consider a very reasonable price point, but we've also used the other art lessons here and enjoyed them. Visit Creating A Masterpiece and check out the free Sample Project. 

Creating A Masterpiece ~ Drawing Lessons ~ A Homeschool Coffee Break Review at


 The Drive Thru HistoryⓇ series are some of our favorite educational DVDs. But there's also an online version - Drive Thru History Adventures is a website that brings together the best of the popular Drive Thru History videos with additional curriculum and resources. - it's an entire Homeschool Video Curriculum that covers History and Bible topics. See our review of Drive Thru History Adventures for more info.  They are also offering some extra lessons and material for free in their "Coronavirus Editions".

Drive Thru History Adventures (A Homeschool Coffee Break Review for the Homeschool Review Crew) on Homeschool Coffee Break

Drive Thru HistoryⓇ is a fast-paced video series in which host Dave Stotts takes driving trips through the places where major historical events took place. His commentary provides facts and interesting background information about the geography, history, and significance. There's witty asides and humorous observations throughout, and he also tells you about the vehicles he's driving. Dave likes to try out local foods, so every now and again he'll tell you about a great local specialty. History is presented in story form, along with the places and artifacts connected to it. Dave is enjoying every minute of the road trip and he keeps viewers entertained and engaged.

Other Resources

Math Essentials was a game-changer in our homeschool. The No-Nonsense Algebra course was straight-forward, and truly no-nonsense, presenting the needed lessons in a clear and concise way. There are online video lessons to go along with the book, and it can be used as a curriculum or as a study or review supplement. 

From the High School Lesson Book - A Year-End Summary on Homeschool Coffee Break @

They have a lot of other math courses as well, and if you've been trying to help your kids keep up with their math classes and having trouble remembering some of the skills or terminology, the Math Refresher for Adults might be for you. It's designed for parents who need to help their kids with math, for adults returning to college, for students preparing for the GED or SAT/PSAT, and for anyone who needs to improve or brush up on math skills. You can check out our review of the Math Refresher for more info.

Math Essentials Refresher Course - A Homeschool Coffee Break Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @


The Critical Thinking Co.™ is the publisher of over 200 award-winning educational books, e-Books, and apps. They've been helping students of all ages improve their academic results since 1958, with help in reading, writing, math, science, history, and test prep. Critical thinking is built into all their lessons to encourage students to analyze carefully, think deeply, and build understanding. They have a long list of products for all age and grade levels - something for everyone. The most recent product we reviewed was Vocabulary Virtuoso PSAT/SAT Book 1. You can read that review here: Becoming a Vocabulary Virtuoso with Critical Thinking

Becoming a Vocabulary Virtuoso with Critical Thinking (A Homeschool Coffee Break Review for the Homeschool Review Crew) @

Need resources? Have questions? We've used and reviewed lots of materials over the years, so ask away! 

If you have specific questions, I would love to help! Leave a comment or message me using my Facebook page. 

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