Monday, April 20, 2020


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One word. Five minutes to write about it. This is an extra 10 Day Writing Prompt Challenge from Five Minute Friday. From March 2nd to March 11th, those of us who took part wrote for five minutes each day on this set of prompts. 

Although I wrote each day, I didn't publish each day. This is what I wrote on Monday, Day Eight, prompted by the word "street".

 my friend from down the street

When I was a kid, I always had friends who lived 'just down the street' or "across the street" or "on the next street over". We lived in a cozy neighborhood in the city, with neatly laid out blocks that had maybe seven houses on each side of the street, most about the same size and same style. We lived close enough to the schools that I always walked to school, and usually wound up walking with friends too. We played together on weekends and after school, and hung out together as we got into our teens. Of course I also had many good school friends - usually my very best friends - that lived more than a couple blocks away, but there was almost always a friend or playmate that was "just down the street". 

My kids have had a very different experience with friends. Oh, they have plenty of friends - they always have. But we've lived here on a country road for almost twenty years and there haven't been playmates or anyone close to their age, really, anywhere on our street. Even during the couple years we lived in a little town nearby, there was only one neighbor kid that was friends with one of my sons. 

When the house next door to us was vacant years ago, we prayed that a family would move in that had kids in the same age range as ours. Well, there was a boy there for awhile that was close in age, but the friendship wasn't what we'd been hoping for. Now we are expecting new neighbors again, but with our kids grown, it's unlikely that those new neighbors will be best friends for our kids. Who knows - it's possible! Just not very likely.

I wonder if those new neighbors will be friends for me. Whether a couple nearing the empty nest years as we are, or a young family that we can befriend. I wonder if once again, all these years later, I will have a friend "just down the street". 

Thanks to Five Minute Friday for the prompts and the encouragement, as well as a link-up where we can share.

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Annette said...

oh wouldn't that be nice? To have new friends so close?

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