Thursday, June 18, 2020

Coffee Break Reading List (June 18, 2020)

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Another month or so has slipped by - or crawled, depending upon perspective - and we are still here under lockdown. Things have been opening, but that's been painfully slow in our state, and to our great aggravation, our governor has still not lifted the mandatory mask order. In the meantime, civil unrest has taken over in news headlines. It's all too easy to be discouraged. I hope this current collection of coffee break reading will be more positive and a bright spot in your day and mine! 

Some of the things around the web that I've been reading or exploring during recent coffee breaks: 
  • Youth sports are opening up in this area, so maybe now is a good time to share this article I came across quite awhile ago: Youth Sports Parents: Instead of Raising Star Athletes, Let's Raise Team Players from Her View From Home. 
  • With all the protests and election hype and many other things, I've seen more open praise of socialistic ideas as the solution for many of our problems. I don't think any government or economic system will solve our problems unless we turn to God first. That said, socialism is probably not the answer some people think it is. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry answers some of the questions about it: What is socialism? Is socialism biblical? Can a Christian be a socialist?
  • Still bored or out of sorts because you're stuck at home more often than you'd like to be? Good News Network explains that Taking Up Hobbies Can Prevent - or Reduce Symptoms of - Depression by a Third. I signed up for an online Introduction to Beekeeping course, because it's something I've kicked around for the last couple of years and now I'm doing something about it. Getting a bit of education so I can decide whether it really would be a good fit for me before I invest time and money. So stay tuned! 
  • From the Gospel Coalition comes this timely article: C.S. Lewis and the Cautionary Tale of Nikabrik. I liked it so much I went ahead and ordered the Joe Rigney book referenced in it, Live Like a Narnian. No idea how soon I'll actually get to reading it, but I ordered it. 

Some fun things I've found during coffee breaks:

What I've been reading during longer coffee breaks:

Like Flames in the Night by Connilyn Cossette
Church With No Walls by Noah Cleveland
Ruby Moon by Jenny Knipfer 


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Found anything interesting on the web lately? Read any good books? Leave a comment and let me know!

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