Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty Captured: Days 278-284

It occurred to me that it's been awhile since I shared a picture of my morning coffee! Best way to start a Monday!

On Tuesday afternoon, biology class was held outside at a friend's place. This picture was taken by my friend before the goat chewed Landon's notes up. (See my post: Biology Lab Gone Wrong)

A favorite simple recipe to send to the church picnic.

Repair work on a historic church that had a fire several months ago.

Preview of the 'official' softball photo for this year.

Bonus beautiful thing: my oldest son brought me this coffee for Mother's Day. We were enjoying it last night while I was getting this ready to post.

Beauty Captured is a daily link-up hosted at The Pebble Pond. The goal is to find beauty in our everyday lives, and to share a picture each day for a year. I plan on sharing my pictures once a week, but hope to remember to take a picture every day!
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