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Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition

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Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

In our homeschool . . . Of course it was another week in which the kids just did schoolwork here and there in the midst of all the other activities going on. Thankfully, we had less going on this week, so they could do a bit of catch-up, but I didn't take time to catch up the grading or to work with either of them on grammar like I should have. I'm feeling the time crunch on getting all of that back on track since we'll be traveling and taking time off for Christmas celebrations in the weeks ahead, and I don't want to leave all of the catch-up for the first few days of January!

Guitar lessons, gym class, choir rehearsal, and Civil Air Patrol were on as usual this week. And Kennady had one extra choir activity during the school day - members of her chorus sang at a local business breakfast on Friday morning. You can't even see her in this one picture I took. Oh well.

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

In other news . . . Kennady began the week by singing with the Childrens Chorus at the Big Band Merry Christmas concert on Saturday. They were fantastic, of course!

On Sunday afternoon the kids went to the movies with friends, and then met up with us briefly at the church in the evening, before heading out with Dad to work the hockey games. A large group from the church went caroling in the local area on Sunday evening. I didn't feel good about my ability to walk with the group, so I stayed behind with a few others at the youth center and worked on handmade Christmas cards that we'll enclose with the Christmas dinners the church will distribute next week.

Monday brought about an event we've been looking forward to for quite some time - Spencer picked up his car! Of course it took until Wednesday before we'd sorted out getting the insurance on it, but he didn't need it until Wednesday evening, so it worked out fine. He wasn't thrilled about me taking pictures, but this is a young adult rite of passage, so I insisted.

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Today Kennady had her final rehearsal for her choir's big Winter Celebration concert (which will be tomorrow), and this evening I will be at my choir's final Christmas season concert. We're also hoping to fit in just a bit of Christmas shopping and baking during the day. We've done only a minimal amount of decorating this year. It seems the Christmas spirit at our house is a little bit diminished since the loss of my mother-in-law, and in a more practical sense, we made it a bit difficult to get to all our boxes of decorations when we moved things around for the remodeling work we had done earlier this year.

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Things that made me smile . . . my oldest son had me help him by giving my picks for some football games this weekend, although I have no clue at all about football. He and another of the on-air guys at RadioU have a weekly challenge where they pick outcomes of games, and the loser always has to do something goofy on the air. This week they had their moms do the picks, but I have no idea what it will cost the loser this week! I was told that the other guy's mom doesn't follow football either, so it's all about luck this time!

I recommend . . . looking to the skies tonight to see the meteor shower. It's been much to overcast here to see anything, but who knows - maybe tonight it will clear! I did surprise myself by getting a picture of the moon and Venus to sort of turn out.

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

The final installment of the Homeschooling High School Blog Hop is coming up at the end of this month, so be watching for that on December 30th. And if you're homeschooling through high school, or thinking about it, you may also want to keep an eye out for a link-up I'll be hosting here starting in January. My series From the High School Lesson Book will include a link-up for bloggers who are homeschooling high school to share what we're up to. Yesterday's post, From the High School Lesson Book - Playing Catch-up, has a blog roll link, and I'm hoping that my fellow homeschool bloggers that have high school age students will add their blog's homepage to the linky.

From the High School Lesson Book - Playing Catch-up on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - The high school lesson book will be a link-up starting in January 2016! If you blog about #homeschooling #highschool , add your blog to the blog roll here!

On the bookshelf . . .

The Fatal Tree (Bright Empires) by Stephen R Lawhead
A Christmas Escape: A Novel by Anne Perry
Star of Wonder: A Novella (The Incense Road Book 1) by Tracy L Higley

I finished Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden and reviewed it on my book blog, Just A Second, where you can find more reviews and other book-related things as well.

A parting shot . . . a large Santa mug of Christmas blend coffee helps put me in a more Christmas-y mood.

Homeschool Weekly - Christmas Spirit Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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