Thursday, May 31, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Visiting Historical Sites

This week we are thinking back to the historical sites we've visited, and we have visited a lot! If I'd had more time I could have pulled out some pictures from before the digital camera and scanned them.  But of course, I am not that skilled at time management!  I chose some of the oldest pictures I have readily available on this computer though - I would guess about seven years ago, so not the distant past.

A friend of mine was in the area with her kids, who happen to be similar ages to my kids, so we agreed to meet and do a little exploring.  Not very far from where I live are Cunningham Falls State Park and Catoctin Mountain Park.  At the southern end of Cunningham Falls State Park is a little village called Catoctin Furnace, and that's where we met to explore.

Catoctin Furnace is an industrial village that dates to pre-revolutionary days.  Hematite ore was discovered in the area in about 1770, and a furnace for the production of pig iron began operating here in 1776.  Household tools were also produced, including the Catoctin (or Ten-Plate) Stove, and the Franklin Stove.  Iron production continued here until 1903.  Cannons and cannonballs for George Washington's army were produced by the furnace, and towards the end of the Revolution, an order was placed for ten inch mortar shells, and it is believed that a portion of these shells was used in the Battle of Yorktown.  The furnace initially operated on charcoal fuel and was later converted to coal. 

Our two families' worth of kids are standing inside the furnace.

On the hillside above the furnace was the ironmaster's house.

Slag from the furnace can still be seen in the area.

And as we continued on the trail that would lead to Cunningham Falls Park, we crossed the bridge that had originally been located at the creek crossing not a mile from my house.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick look at this little-known historical site. Visit Debbie's Digest to join in with Think Back Thursday, and to see what other bloggers are sharing for this week's theme: Visiting Historical Sites.  Looks like Debbie shared pictures from a trip to Antietam, which isn't very far from me either - but I've never been there!  Now I'm thinking ahead to when we can go!

Think Back Thursday is a photo meme that encourages sharing something from the past.  It is hosted by Debbie's Digest.  You can find out more about it, and how you can participate, by clicking the link or the button below.  

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Debbie Phillips said...

First I wanted to let you know I forgot to post the theme for next week. I updated my post and added this:

Next week's theme is
could be visiting a zoo,
a farm,
or meeting an animal in the wild
wherever you family has come into contact with an animal

oh, this includes birds, fish, mammals, reptiles... everything

Second... thanks so much for linking up... and you must have had your post ready to go...You linked up so fast. Sorry I was late getting it up... I had said 7 am.

Third, great photos! Very interesting. We will be starting the Revolutionary War next year for school. Supplied ammo for Washington and shells for use at Yorktown, cool!

Thanks again for joining me.

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