Friday, September 28, 2012

A Low Tide Photojournal (Bay of Fundy)

Our summer vacation also took us to New Brunswick.  One of the attractions we most wanted to see was the tides at the Bay of Fundy.  On the day we returned to New Brunswick from Prince Edward Island, we stopped at Hopewell Rocks at low tide so we could 'walk on the ocean floor'.

Well... first we had to take a very brief side trip into Nova Scotia just so the kids could say they'd been there.  It was raining so we didn't see much, and even our plans to have lunch there were thwarted because we couldn't find a restaurant - there had been a large apartment fire in Amherst the day before, and all of the downtown was cordoned off for the clean-up effort.

At Hopewell, this was our first view of the Bay at low tide.

Views from the various lookouts on top of the cliffs...

Then we went down to explore.  Apparently this formation is known as Lover's Arch.  I didn't know that before we went down or I might have made sure we got a picture there!

Do you see the face?

We held this pose for a really long time, just to mess with our kids who were taking the picture... "okay, we got the picture already! Stop it!"  LOL

A rare picture of Spencer!

We went back the next day during high tide.  Stay tuned to see the difference!

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