Saturday, October 13, 2012

A New Brunswick Photojournal

It's been over a month since we got back from vacation, and it's past time I finish sharing pictures!

We stayed for a couple nights in the little town of Alma, New Brunswick, at the north entrance to Fundy National Park.

We had a chalet on a hillside overlooking the town.  This was the view from the porch of the chalet. 

We could have gone inside Cape Enrage lighthouse, but it wasn't worth the entrance fee to the park for me, so I just grabbed a picture from the parking lot.  For adventure seekers, Cape Enrage would be a great place to visit.  They have ziplines and other outdoor adventures to offer, but we didn't have the time (or budget) to try it on this visit.

Back in Woodstock, New Brunswick, we stayed with friends of ours who let us in on a local favorite, Covered Bridge Potato Chips.  We visited the little factory and saw how they were made, and got to sample them hot and fresh! Delicious! They also have all kinds of shake-on flavors to add to the chips. I would never have thought that fruit flavors or other sweet flavors would taste good added to potato chips, but some of them were very good.

Nearby is the covered bridge for which the company is named.  It is the longest covered bridge in the world.  It's in Hartland, which is, ironically, New Brunswick's smallest town.  

We also went on a hike on part of the Maliseet Trail to Hays Falls.  It was quite an adventure just to find the falls, because the trail markings weren't very clear and we got off on rather a tangent before doubling back and finding the right fork of the trail!

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