Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Fundy National Park and Tall Ship Photojournal

This is the final set of pictures from our vacation.  Yeah, the one that happened over a month ago.  I'm a little slow getting all the pictures posted.  

We spent an afternoon exploring Fundy National Park

We drove through this covered bridge...

and there is a hiking trail that starts there.  This is the view at the top of that trail.

From this vantage point, you can see what is left of the wooden dam below the bridge.  This area used to have a thriving lumber industry, and there was also a sawmill and even a shipbuilding facility during the 1800s.

If I remember correctly, the wooden pilings are the remains of the shipbuilding dock.

Back at the bridge, but on the other side.

We were amused by this sign we saw a couple of times as we were driving through the park.  Maybe you had to be there...

We arrived around lunchtime at St. Andrews, New Brunswick, where we had another adventure.  We set sail in search of whales on the Jolly Breeze of St Andrews.  The ship is a 72 foot cutter, a replica of a vessel of the 1900s.  

I've heard that it's traditional to take a cruise to celebrate a 25th anniversary.  This was the closest we got - a three hour tour of the Bay of Fundy.  LOL

Kennady got her face painted on board the ship, and went with a pirate theme.  That's my girl!

This island is for sale, if you've been looking to purchase one.  Only 1.5 million or so, which is a very good price for your own private island.  And the electricity is free! We were considering it, but it would be a bit of a commute to hubby's job...

This is the only picture of aquatic life I wound up with.  Seals sunning themselves on a rock.  We did see porpoises, finback whales, a minke whale (briefly!), and lots of seals.  But I figured out very early in the voyage that only a high-powered zoom lens would be able to catch anything recognizable as a whale, so I looked for the whales without distracting myself by using my camera.

On board the ship, they had a touch tank with starfish, crabs, sea urchins and a few other things.

The kids got a chance to take the wheel for a few minutes each!

Of course Spencer was too old for that sort of thing.  

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