Thursday, March 21, 2013

Virtual Refrigerator: Paint Chips

Something a little different on the Virtual Refrigerator today - here's the story. Kennady went with me on Saturday to buy paint for our family room. The hardware store had ducklings, chicks, and rabbits for sale, so while I was waiting at the paint counter, I gave my Kennady my camera and told her to go look at the animals and take some pictures.  She not only took those pictures, but she thought the displays of paint chips looked "cool, and kind of like a rainbow painting" so she took these pictures as well. I like that she sees things with an artistic eye.

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Virtual Refridgerator

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Janis Cox said...

I love that children are allowed to see - and giving them a camera is a great way to help them focus.
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A Learning Journey said...

Children always view things differently than we do. Alyssa has a children's camera and I love it when she shows me her shots. She watches me take photographs all the time for our homeschool blog so there are times when she mimics me. Other times she simply shocks me with her perspective. It really helps me "open" my eyes to what things could be or are for others. We are currently looking through paint samples for house colors so I truly appreciate "seeing" this perspective instead of my own which has been associated with stress lately.

Jennifer said...

My son loves when he gets to take pictures, I'll have to follow your cue and let him do that more. It is fun to see what they see. I like the rainbows in the paint chips, too, as well as imagining all of the possible projects that we could do.

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