Monday, July 1, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Kamp Kennadyanne Edition

In our homeschool... truth is, not much. The boys were away most of the week at Creation, so Landon worked on Biology and IEW on Monday and Tuesday, and Kennady worked on her stuff during the week, but it wasn't a week in which we accomplished a great deal! Friday was supposed to be Kennady's 'computer camp' day to work specifically on her programming course, but we had thunderstorms and power outages that put a stop to that before we'd done much. So we roll all those things over into this week's lesson plans!

Landon shared a science lesson with us...

Yeah, I didn't get it at first either. Let me help you out.
a group of cells is 
a tissue. And a group of tissues is
an organ. Groan.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share... let your kids come up with creative mnemonics to remember stuff they learn. As much as we groaned (and laughed) at Landon's silly cell-tissue-organ visual aid, I bet Kennady will never forget that either. Kennady came up with her own mnemonic to remember the names of the strings on the guitar: Egg Buying Gets Difficult At Easter. Groan. But she remembers! LOL

In other news... Since the boys were away, I decided to do some special things with Kennady during the week, since it was just the two of us while Dad was at work. We decided to call it Kamp Kennadyanne and we had a lot of fun with it. Kamp Kennadyanne activities included a movie night (we watched Pride and Prejudice), lunch out at Chick-fil-A, shopping, worship team practice, ice cream night, computer camp day, walk and bike parent night, and pizza night. I'm thinking Kamp Kennadyanne activities will spill over into this week as well because we have Canada Day, Kennady's birthday, and Independence Day so those will all need to be celebrated!


One of my favorite things this week... time with Kennady, especially watching the movie together.

Things I'm working on... My Five Goals from last week. Here's my update:

  • Lesson Planning - worked on it, but didn't finish getting things into the Tracker.
  • Spending time with Kennady - this pretty much trumped everything else on my list, and we had a great time at Kamp Kennadyanne!
  • Decluttering and housework - progress, but there's always more to do!
  • Tidy email and document files - got started on it, but ultimately had to surrender the computer to other people and to power outages before I finished.
  • Daily routine - I think I have one figured out that will work. We'll find out this week!
And my Five Goals for this week:
  • Celebrations! Canada Day (today) and Independence Day, and Kennady's birthday. I will be planning something special for each of these occasions.
  • New project we're working on at church - we've been looking at launching a food ministry and this week we are planning to start setting it up, and will be having a lunch meeting on Sunday to coordinate this and other outreach and missions efforts.
  • Lesson planning - will do my best to get a few more things into the Tracker and ready to go!
  • Reviews and other bloggy things - I've got three reviews to complete during the first half of the month and we're hard at work at those right now, and I need to get working on some things for later in the month as well.
  • Housework - if Kennady is having guests for her birthday, and if I'm to host the lunch meeting on Sunday, I need to get a few things cleaned up!
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A link to share...
I came across this article this week, asking a question that has come up among some of my friends lately - Is cursive writing dead? How important is it for kids to learn to read and write in cursive in our modern age? My opinion is that they still need to learn to read it, and they should be able to write in cursive. It certainly won't hurt them to learn, and I think it has some benefits too. That said, I don't require my kids to use any particular style when they write. I only require that it is generally legible, and how they achieve that is up to them.

On the bookshelf...
  • Sticky Faith (parent and youth leader versions) by Dr Kara E Powell and Chap Clark, Ph.D.
  • The Stones Cry Out by Randall Pierce
  • The Spirit Well by Stephen R Lawhead
  • Adventures in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird
  • Grave Consequences by Lisa T Bergren
  • Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley

A parting shot...

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Stefanie said...

I find it sad that kids today cannot read or write in cursive. I have nieces and nephews who can't read people's signatures if they're in cursive. And what about historical documents? Home schoolers are going to be in high demand to "translate" that stuff. lol

It is a requirement in our home. Once you can do it legibly you are free to tweak it to fit your own style.

Kym said...

That's kind of my approach too. Plus I didn't want to have to "translate" letters from the grandmas and that sort of thing!

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