Thursday, July 25, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Extended Family

We're sharing pictures of extended family this week on Think Back Thursday. Most of the pictures I've chosen are from a couple of trips we made to visit my side of the family. While my parents do come visit us about once a year, we aren't often able to go visit them, and so I don't see my sister, brothers, nieces and nephews very often. 

In 2005, we had a sort of family reunion - basically my Mom's family. We all traveled to Winnipeg, where my aunts live, and they hosted us. This is my family with my aunts, Linda and Alice. My husband and I have had a very close relationship with these aunts, because when we met and started dating in college, I lived with my aunts most of that year.
My aunts still live in their own house, but even at that time there were some things they had trouble doing themselves, so one of the 'festivities' of that reunion was painting their living room and dining room. Most of the work was done by my mom, my sister Laury, and me. And it was a lot of fun! That's me on the ladder, and Laury wearing the matching smock. We had a lot of fun over those smocks too, because they were borrowed from the aunties, who tend to dress alike!
Here are the cousins at that reunion, although we're missing my brother's daughter in this shot. From left to right, the boys are: Landon, Spencer, Harrison, and Zakery; and the girls are: Kennady, and Kaylee.
In 2007, my family went to visit my parents in Alberta for Christmas. Here are the cousins at that time, which is the last time they were together! There's been another cousin added since then - my nephew, Oscar. He is over a year old, and I haven't met him yet, or his mother, my new sister-in-law!
Spencer, Kaylee, Azalea, Kennady, Harrison
Landon, Jairus, Zakery
Here is Kennady and cousin Kaylee in their matching nightgowns. The nightgowns are the 2006 edition of the annual Christmas nightgowns.
My aunts make their great nieces nightgowns every year for Christmas, so here they are with their brand new  2007 edition nighties.
Landon and cousin Jairus
We don't seem very lively in this picture, but I'm not sure why. This may have been taken before we started throwing wadded up wrapping paper... That's Jairus on the coffee table. You can also see my brother Richard, my dad, Laury, and my mom in the background.
You can kind of see that the wrapping paper wars have begun - Richard has one in his hand, and I think my dad just threw one. I included this picture because you can see my other brother Randy better.
A silly family tradition for many years was that my mom would try to take a picture of the whole family around the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner; and we kids would always 'freeze' with a fork or a glass to our mouths. Looks like Dad and Auntie Alice weren't playing along.
We made an attempt to get a family portrait in my parents' living room. It's hard to get that many kids to look happy and towards the camera all at once, so I think we all agreed this was the best shot.
Back: Kym, Spencer, Henry, Harrison, Richard, Laury, Kimberly, Randy holding Jairus
Front: Kennady, Landon, Dad/Papa, Zakery, Mom/Gramma, Kaylee, Azalea
Check back in late autumn, when I should have an updated family photo that includes the newer family members!

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Great family photos. I love fun family traditions like posing for photos while drinking and wrapping paper wars!!! lol Thanks for sharing and linking up. Have a great week.

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