Thursday, July 25, 2013

Virtual Refrigerator: Art from All Over Africa

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I'm continuing to share some past art projects, many that came from the book Geography Through Art, by Sharon Jeffus and Jamie Aramini. This week I'm featuring some of the art we created while studying the continent of Africa.

With so many variations in climate and landscape, and many different peoples, the folk art traditions of Africa vary widely as well. We barely scratched the surface, and the book has many more projects besides the few mentioned here. We started with a study of ancient Egypt, which presented an opportunity to practice perspective drawing. I think this was Landon's sketch page - he would have been about 10 years old when he did this.

The kids also had some fun creating a cartouche with a representation of their name in hieroglyphics, and Kennady (about 8yo at the time) sketched an Egyptian cat following an example in the book. The Egyptians loved cats and treated them as divine. Many ancient Egyptian carvings, paintings, and items of jewelry featured cats, and cats were even mummified when they died.

When we moved on to study the peoples and nations of other parts of Africa, we took some time to try animal art. These drawings are inspired by the style of traditional artwork from Zimbabwe. We learned that artists tend to put their surroundings into their art, so local animals are very often featured in the traditional art of many cultures. Animals are a common theme in African art. Copying these stylized animals gave us another chance to think about positive and negative space in art as well.

And finally, we tried sketching more realistic versions of some of the animals. Throughout Geography Through Art there are "Quicksketch" activities, which give an example of a pencil sketch of an animal or landmark from that locale, with some instruction. Sometimes there are some step-by-step instructions that show how to first sketch the basic shape before adding the details. Kennady followed those kind of instructions to draw the female lion and the zebra below. She also drew the stylized giraffes following an example in the book.

These are Landon's stylized giraffes. He has never cared much for drawing or art, but these kinds of simple sketches turned out well. See how he insisted on signing his work by squeezing his name in between the animal's legs? He did it with the baboon above too. What a nut. It looks like the baboon is --- well, you know what it looks like. I guess that was Landon's individual touch!

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