Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Southern Alberta Photojournal

It's been two months since we got back from vacation. Two months! And I still haven't finished sharing the pictures. At this point, no one but me and my family even remember that we went on a vacation, never mind where we went. But I am still going to share the pictures, and I hope you enjoy them! This set is all from parts of southern Alberta.

The first Tim Hortons we sighted! Coffee and wifi!!

I don't know if you can make it out on the sign below, but the one all the way to the right points the way to Vulcan.

Why is the sky so much bigger on the prairies? It is, and there's no denying it. I never get tired of scenes like this - golden prairie and that huge blue sky. My hubby gets bored of it being so much the same. LOL

Approaching Calgary from the north.

I spent one perfectly glorious day with my best friend from high school, Sue. She was going to her friend's ranch in the Porcupine Hills area not far from Nanton to ride her horse. So I went along and got back in the saddle, as it were, for a little bit. We were treated to some breathtaking scenery on our way to the ranch.

This is really the only picture I took of my horse for the day, Stormy. And guess what - at no point did we think to get a picture of me ON the horse. Are you kidding me? How do you forget something like that? So I have this one picture from the saddle perspective as "proof" that I went riding that day.

Here's Sue and her horse, Charlie, at the end of our riding time.

I think it's sad that there's not that many of these old grain elevators standing any more.

These next two are a couple of my favorite pictures from the vacation. A thunderstorm was rolling in and we could see the clouds over Calgary's skyline as we were driving.

Another cloudy skyline on another day.

One last gorgeous prairie view on our last day.

So far I've posted these photojournals of our vacation (and there is still more coming!) - A Wildlife Refuge Photojournal, A Kootenai Falls Photojournal, A Glacier National Park Photojournal - Part One and Part Two.

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janice said...

Hi Kym just read this post and it resonates with me. My husband is working in Calgary right now and we are joining him very soon.

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