Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Snow Days Photojournal

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It seems like we've had more snow days than usual this year, but maybe it seems that way every winter. I'm not sure. After the latest round of snow days last week, and seeing that snow may be in the forecast for this week as well, I thought it might be fun to collect up some of my snow pictures from the past month or two.

Our first snow of the season started on a Sunday night in December. At least I think it was a Sunday.

In any case, it switched to freezing rain at some point and warmed up enough that we had a layer of ice on top of the few inches of snow.

The kids wanted to play in the snow so I switched out our regular classes for "Phys.Ed.". The ice layer was strong enough to support their weight in some places, so they tried some body surfing and other silliness.

Later they collected an odd assortment of strange ice/snow sculptures and icicles. This is the ice from the birdbath -

and these icicles formed on the springs of the trampoline.

The ice layer on the bamboo and trees looked pretty neat too.


Then a day or two later - more snow!

A couple days later, still more! I remember this was on a Saturday afternoon, when Kennady and I were coming home from her final rehearsal before her choir concert. I let her take snow pictures out the van window.

photo credit: Kennady
We had a break here in Maryland for a couple weeks, but the day we arrived in Ontario for Christmas, an ice storm also arrived there. We were actually pretty lucky - no power outages where we were staying, although lots of people in Toronto were without power over most of the Christmas break.

Under the circumstances, we did what any sane people would do - we went to Niagara Falls! Actually, the day we went it had warmed up already and most of the ice was melted.

American Falls
Canadian Horseshoe Falls

Okay, one more falls picture, then I'll quit. I've got a bunch more but I won't bore you.

When we got back home to Maryland, it was all brown, but within a few days the snow had started coming down again.

And after the snow, there was more ice.

And then some rain too, which caused ice and snow to melt. The creek near our place was pretty high, but no flooding this time.

However, the ground was really boggy, as I found out the hard mushy way!

Then last week - snow again!

Made for some dramatic sunrises.

Schools were closed, but the roads were in decent shape. And we have this fantastic hill at the church youth center . . .

So the youth had a snow day sledding party! More Phys.Ed.!

How are you spending your snow days? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Beautiful photos...the ice on top of the snow is surreal.

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