Monday, January 27, 2014

My Favorite Chocolate Bar

My favorite chocolate bar is Nestle Coffee Crisp. If that doesn't sound or look familiar, you're probably not Canadian! If you're really committed to trying it, you can buy it through Amazon, and I've heard that some US stores carry it from time to time. Probably the best thing is to just visit Canada and eat one there - or have a Canadian friend send or bring you one. I won't easily part with the stash that I bring back with me each time we visit Canada, so you'll have to arrange with me to get some specifically for you on my next trip.

Coffee Crisp is advertised as being a 'nice, light snack' - it's layered wafers and vanilla cream type filling that's just very lightly coffee-flavored, covered with chocolate. When I can find the dark chocolate ones, that's even better. They also have bite-size Coffee Crisps, and Coffee Crisp flavored ice cream, but I prefer to stick with the candy bar.

Apparently in the 1930s, Rowntree sold a candy bar in the UK called Wafer Crisp or Chocolate Crisp. A version of it was sold in Canada as well. There were some different flavor variations that included fruit flavors as well as coffee, and the coffee flavor variety was the one that stayed popular and has been sold as Coffee Crisp since 1938. Since they're only available in Canada (and in specialty shops in Australia, according to some sources), ex-pat Canadians have been wishing that it would be sold in the USA. One Coffee Crisp fan went to the extent of starting an internet campaign petition, asking Nestle to start marketing the bar in the USA. He and the supporters of his campaign claimed victory in the summer of 2006, when Nestle started working with some US-based stores to start marketing the bar. (You can read an archived news story about it here: A Canadian Candy Bar's Long Journey to America) I have friends who have seen it in the stores, but I haven't.

Have you seen Coffee Crisp in a US store? Leave a comment and let me know which state - I'm curious! If you've tried Coffee Crisp, I'd love to know that too. This post is linked up at Circling Through This Life for the 52 Favorite Anything series.
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