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Homeschool Essentials for Graduating - A High School Plan

Homeschool Essentials for Graduating - A High School Plan on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

Okay, we know how many credits your student needs to graduate, and we know the course requirements. The next essential ingredient is some kind of a high school plan or course of study. Whether you are the type of homeschooler that thrives on detailed lists and schedules and lesson plans, or you're more likely to make up the lesson plan as you go, you'll need a plan. And take it from me - it's better to make the plan when your student is in 8th or 9th grade than to wait until partway through their senior year. Remember, you can always tweak it as you go along. Write it in pencil because it will change!

 You can find information and free forms at DonnaYoung.org  and at HSLDA's Homeschooling Through High School page to help you plan. If you have a membership at SchoolhouseTeachers.com (and you should, because it is full of all kinds of curriculum and resources at a great price), they offer an amazing Schoolhouse Planner, and the high school version of it includes every form you might need or want to help plan a course of study.

Some aspects of planning are easy, such as planning at least one English course each year, and probably one Math and one Social Studies course each year. If your student has a good idea of what they want to do for their career or how they will focus their college studies, try to customize courses to those interests and needs. Choose electives that will further the student's interests and career goals, or that will meet requirements for college entrance. For example, many colleges require two years of a foreign language study.

For many students, knocking off as many credits as practical during the first two years of high school is a good idea, because it allows them to focus on their specific interest courses in their final years of high school, and it may also give them more free time to work at a part-time job or take more demanding courses as a dual-enrolled student at a community college.

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Read fellow blogger's experience at an HSLDA workshop to help homeschool parents navigate the high school years. High School at Home from Homegrown Hatfields I agree with her - if you get a chance to go to a similar workshop, it can be so helpful in encouraging and preparing you for homeschooling during the high school years!

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Meg Falciani said...

SO true about planning early! Luke came home unexpectedly in 10th grade, so it was a mad scramble. Now that we are planning for Matthew to be home for all of high school, it's much easier to plan ahead. (Experience will help as we go along, but I'll be a total newbie to 9th grade!)

Jenn@Teaching Two Stinkers said...

I can see where HSLDA could be a big benefit at this stage. I admire anyone who is homeschooling thru high school ~ at this stage in the game, I cannot even imagine!

Wendy @ Ladybug Daydreams said...

My kids are still in elementary school, but planning is still absolutely vital. Without a plan, it's too easy to slack off.

Lynn said...

I love reading your posts on this topic. I highly recommend having kids dual enroll if it's available to them. My daughter did it for her senior year and it saved her several credits this year in college she doesn't have to take now for her degree.. Great post and very informative. Can't wait to see tomorrow's post.

Anonymous said...

Great post Kym! It's scary how quickly high school can sneak up on you, so it's vital to have a plan. Thanks for tagging my blog too :) !!!

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