Thursday, March 27, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator: Art Exhibit and Works in Progress

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Here's the deal - we didn't finish any art projects this week, so I don't have anything new to share. But, a couple of weeks ago, Kennady chose a couple of representative pieces of her artwork from this year to display at one of the local library branches. The libraries often feature an art gallery of sorts from the local public schools, with one school being featured at one branch per month. One of the branches allows our homeschool group to feature our artwork for a month. (It's unfortunate that it's not a centrally located branch, and that I didn't think the display was very big. I don't know if the display area we had was small because the amount of artwork submitted was small, or what exactly is going on with that, but I certainly would have liked to see more pieces that better represented the age range, diversity, and talent of our students!)

Anyway, here are the pieces Kennady showed:
Virtual Refrigerator
Title: Eiffel Tower
Medium: Pen and Ink
Virtual Refrigerator
Title: Plant Study
Medium: Pencil
So I ask her to pose like an artist at an exhibition of their work. She gave me this. This makes me think of badly acted Shakespeare - am I wrong? LOL
But seriously. The artiste and her work.
We did enjoy looking at the other pieces as well. There were a lot that were the same subject and medium, obviously submitted from the co-op art class. But some of the individual pieces really caught our eye. I especially liked this collage done with puzzle pieces. Great idea for the incomplete puzzles we have kicking around here!

We do have some things we are working on at home, so these are some of the things I look forward to sharing on the Virtual Fridge in the weeks to come. We are reviewing one of the brand new books from a favorite publisher, ARTistic Pursuits. They have just put out two books on sculpture technique, and we're reviewing the one titled Construct. We just got the book and some materials at the end of last week, so it may take a couple weeks before we have something completed to share. Watch for our complete Schoolhouse Crew review of the book in about a month!

We also found a few art projects related to our social studies unit that Kennady is going to try. She has already been working on Papel Picado, and she might even finish this today. We also have plans to do a fun mosaic project, and I'm pretty sure there was something else as well. Something I can't recall right now, so I guess it will be a surprise to me too! LOL

What art projects are you working on? What projects did you recently complete that you can display on our Virtual Fridge? Leave a comment, and link up your post - we'd love to see what other homeschoolers are working on this week!

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