Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

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The challenge this week is to show what "community" means in our homeschool. We belong to a couple of great homeschool organizations. Our oversight group is a great community of homeschool families, and although we don't DO a lot of stuff together, other than co-op class (which we're not a part of anymore), we have a lot of great friends. And a majority of the families in our oversight group also belong to our Christian homeschool fellowship group, which truly is community-oriented. The fellowship group offers fun groups for kids, field trips, and gym class.

Our kids really do love gym class just as much for the social aspect as for the opportunity to play sports! After class, there is always a fair amount of hanging out and socializing going on among the kids. The moms do quite a bit of socializing during and after gym class as well.

Our fellowship also has something we call Encouragement Group that meets once a month. It's a chance for the moms to get together for coffee and community.

While our church isn't a homeschool-only type congregation, there are a number of homeschool families, and the church youth group is a wonderful and supportive community for the kids.

The kids also are involved in extra activities - Civil Air Patrol for Landon, and Childrens Chorus for Kennady - that aren't specifically homeschool, but definitely develop a sense of community and serve the larger community as well.

I also love being part of some online homeschool communities. I interact online with homeschooling friends on message boards and in Facebook groups, and of course I consider the fellow bloggers on the Schoolhouse Review Crew to be a supportive homeschool community.

What does community look like for your homeschool? Leave a comment and let me know! You can see other weekly photos shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge - Community and share your own pictures.

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Lisa Marie said...

Wow, great opportunities for community for you guys! :) Thanks for joining in!

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