Saturday, May 3, 2014

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Spring Rains Edition

In our homeschool... I was hoping to report that we are completely finished English for the school year, but the kids are still putting some final touches on their writing assignments, so I guess I'll save that announcement for next week. Kennady did finish her Literature study though, so that's one subject to check off the list!

We're in pretty good shape in Science and Economics, and Landon is doing well in Algebra. Kennady took a little break from Art this week, but as much as she loves it, I'm sure she'll be back to the creative process within a few days. She's done well enough in her math (especially the worksheet aspect that she really doesn't care for at all) that I finally allowed her a reward - a mammoth. It had been promised to her as a motivator for completing the Math Mammoth worksheets that I assigned!
The kids worked a little on Micro Business this week as well, but we didn't look at Social Studies. I've got some wrap-up for the Caribbean and Central America ready to go for the beginning of the week, and then we'll be able to get to our overview of North America.

In other news... Sunday was a busy day to start the week. We hurried home after church so we could get Kennady to her Spring Celebration choir concert. Which was absolutely lovely, by the way. I didn't take any pictures because I've ordered a DVD of the performance. I should probably ask when we'll receive that... I totally forgot to take note of those details. We had a little downtime when we got home, but not much, because that evening was the annual meeting at church, followed by hockey for DH and the kids.

This happened during the first half of the week... softball games were rained out on Monday and Wednesday, but we made up one of the games on Friday evening, because by Thursday it looked more like this:
We have been following the NHL playoffs, of course, which means we get a taste of the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" as the teams we are rooting for win or lose. We have a family playoff prediction pool every year that is typically dominated by the guys. Well, this year I managed to jump out to a healthy lead during the first round, and I was in fantastic shape until Wednesday's games. I really wish I'd taken a picture of our pool chart when my point tally at the bottom of the page was still considerably higher than the hubster's. Sadly, my team (the St Louis Blues) lost their game 7 and so did one of the other teams I had predicted, so just like that, DH shot into the lead. He's only ahead of me by one point, but since I had picked the Sharks as the eventual Cup winner and they are out of the playoffs, I might be in some trouble. Oh well. The stakes aren't very high - usually the winner gets to choose the restaurant for the first time we eat out after the playoffs are over!
One of my favorite things this week... watching hockey, even though one of my teams is out of the running now. My brief but glorious reign at the top of the playoff prediction pool was also a highlight, but will soon be only a distant memory. *sigh* So... Go Habs!
I recommend... the art instruction books from ARTistic Pursuits. We have been so pleased with the books we've used in the past, and just had another wonderful experience reviewing one of the two new books about Sculpture Technique. You can read our complete review which was posted earlier this week, or visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog for links to all the Crew reviews.
On my blog this week...

On the bookshelf...

  • The Lady of the English - Elizabeth Chadwick
  • Meet the Skeptic - Bill Foster
Finished Falling In Love Again by Marie Higgins. I wrote about it, and about last week's book, The Ransom, on my book blog, "Just A Second".

A parting shot... Kennady has some aquarium game on her iPod, and this week when she customized one of her fish, she could name it. Landon suggested she name it "Private Ryan" so her screen would say this:

How have these kids even heard of that movie? I know they've never seen it!

   For the Display of His Splendor
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North Laurel said...

Looks like it was a good week. We really like AP although we've only used one of their programs :) Ah, yes, and we've had quite a bit of rain as well.
What is Micro Business?
Hope you have a good weekend!

Kym T said...

I should have linked the Micro Business website when I mentioned it! We're reviewing the Micro Business for Teens course for the Schoolhouse Review Crew:

Nita said...

Visiting from Weekly Wrapup. My daughter loves art. I've been searching aroudn for a good art curriculum and will look this one over.

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