Saturday, August 30, 2014

Homeschool Weekly: Quick Update Edition

This week's journal will be a short one, as I still have plenty to do today, and time is running out!

In our homeschool... Landon and Kennady carried on with the subjects we started last week - Geography and Math for Kennady; and World History/Bible/English and Algebra for Landon. Both are settling into that routine fairly well. Those Social Studies courses will stretch both of them a bit with the amount of reading they will need to do. Landon finished the first writing assignment I gave him, but I haven't checked it yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he put decent effort into it and it will be a good start on composition this year! Especially since he will be working on an essay writing course from Fortuigence that we will be reviewing, and that might wind up as his initial sample of writing.

Kennady switched to "Dwarvish Font" for her schoolwork this week.

In other news... nothing all that exciting this week. We were busy with softball practices, running errands, and all the usual things.

One of my favorite things this week... having friends come over for dinner last night. We smoked a beef brisket and it turned out very well.

On my blog this week...

A parting shot...

Weekly Wrap-Up  
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