Friday, August 15, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Summer Break is Almost Over

The Pebble Pond

Time to wrap up our last week of summer break with Random 5 on Friday (a link hosted at The Pebble Pond).

  1. I'm putting finishing touches on the lesson plans etc, because we start school on Monday! A couple subjects for each kid, anyway.
  2. I find it amusing that "homeschooling" is considered a correctly spelled word by blogger's spell-check, but "homeschool" is not.
  3. I finally convinced Landon to choose an elective for this school year. He is going to do Practical Drafting, which will probably wind up being his Fine Arts credit, even though it's more appropriate as a Tech credit. But he is not artsy, so we are thinking outside the box a little bit.
  4. The weather is just about perfect today. Which reminds me... it's especially perfect for hanging laundry on the line, so I'd better get going on Mount Washmore!
  5. I finished a quick read from Ken Ham, Understanding the Times. I've just started re-reading an old favorite book of mine - The Eight by Katherine Neville. Kennady and I are working on Simply Audra Marie's Summer Reading Challenge. You can read about all that at my book blog, Just A Second.
I recommend... hopping through all the Schoolhouse Review Crew bloggers that participated in the "Back To Homeschool" Blog Hop this week! You can find the list at the  Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.
Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

A parting shot... we had an exciting Box Day this week. Two books Kennady needs for Social Studies:
and even more exciting... the boxed set of the Lord of the Rings books for Kennady!

The Pebble Pond

For the Display of His Splendor
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Michelle said...

Our youngest goes back to college on Monday.
Looks like your family is pretty much ready for school.

Have a great weekend!!


We start back to school on Monday too, have a great year!

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