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Homeschool Weekly/Middle School Monday Combined

Middle School Monday

Welcome to Middle School Monday! This was another weekend that got away from me with some unexpected events, and just being busy, so I decided to combine my Homeschool Weekly post with Middle School Monday.

In our homeschool...  I let Kennady take a week long break from Science - what was I thinking? No, seriously, she was a week ahead of schedule with Science anyway, and since she's been dragging a little bit with Treasure Island in Literature, I figured it would work out for the best. Of course, I still have to check how much progress she made on the book, if she's caught up to where we wanted to be. Pretty sure she's very close anyway.

She worked on her own in Math and in Geography this week. Or mostly on her own in Geography. I get to peek over her shoulder and see what she's doing quite often, and we prefer to do the chapter review questions from her textbook orally. This week she learned about Albania and Montenegro, and we finally got some cooking and baking done that was inspired by a couple of the countries she has studied so far. We had Chicken and Feta Pie for dinner one night (Greece); Chicken Paprika on another night (Hungary); and baked shortbread, Chelsea buns, and Cream Scones during the week (Great Britain). I'm going to try and remember to share recipes at some point this week!

Landon kept at History and Algebra for the most part this week.

Tuesday wound up being almost a whole day off school. Kennady's music lesson in  the morning was cancelled, which turned out to be convenient for us because it was also yearbook picture day. So we were able to get their pictures done for the yearbook, go out for lunch, and then head for gym class in the afternoon.

In other news... Kennady had a friend come for a  sleepover on the weekend, and Landon spent the weekend at his friend's place, so that worked out nicely. Kennady also had an extra choir practice on Saturday afternoon, and played softball on Sunday afternoon.
I mentioned the "unexpected events" of the weekend... yeah, you could say it was pretty unexpected that I had vehicle trouble AGAIN. Unexpected, and very frustrating and annoying. I was on my way to pick up Landon and his friend late Saturday evening when the van overheated and I had to pull over and call for help. The friend's dad had to go pick the boys up, and I had to have my DH come to my rescue, and we had to get the van towed to our mechanic. DH told the mechanic he should maybe have a special parking spot labeled just for us. *sigh* Well, I'm hoping the mechanic will call with relatively good news this morning - praying that it's just a hose or something smallish that needs to be fixed, and not something terribly expensive. And we are thinking we should probably get shopping for a different vehicle. 

There was an event at the winery just down the road from us this weekend, and that brought a happier unexpected event to our weekend - fireworks on Saturday evening! We did get to enjoy that before I went on my ill-fated trip. LOL

I recommend... checking out the podcast or transcript of a couple episodes of Focus on the Family's radio show. Links to these showed up in my email this week, and I'm glad I took the time to read the transcripts of this interview with Cynthia Tobias. There are valuable insights into what is going on with middle schoolers and how to handle some of the parenting issues with them. Cynthias Tobias has a new book out - Middle School: The Inside Story - that looks interesting. Even though it's most likely geared towards parents who send their kids to school outside of the home, the developmental and emotional issues are basically the same, so it might be worth checking out! Here are the links to the podcast/transcripts: "Helping Kids Thrive in the Middle School Years: Part One" and "Part Two".

On my blog this week...

A parting shot...

How was your week? Leave a comment and let me know!

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