Friday, October 10, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Late in the Evening

The Pebble Pond

I'm late with my Random 5 on Friday.  Funny how that happens when everybody in the household wants a turn at the computer, and then we are all headed different directions for the evening! And even though the night is still relatively young, I am more tired than I ought to be. I'm gonna post this and then brew myself a cup of coffee!
  1. I had a moment of panic early in the week where I thought our first quarter grades were due! I couldn't figure out how it had gone so quickly... and then I took a deep breath and actually looked at my calendar. They are not due till the first week of November. Whew!! 
  2. I absolutely hate the header image I made for one of my reviews, but it's already posted. And I don't know whether I should just leave it, or whether I should make myself do another one.
  3. We are getting a new roof next week! The materials were delivered today.
  4. We celebrated the oldest two boys' birthdays last night with dinner out at a barbecue place. And then went shopping at Ollie's, cuz we're just that classy!
  5. Just got word that Kennady's softball game for this weekend was cancelled because of the unexpected passing of a coach connected to the other team. A man that had many friends among the other softball coaches as well. So sad for this loss, and for the families and friends that are grieving. I don't know this man at all, but I hope he knew Jesus.  
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