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Homeschool Weekly - Snow Days and Sick Days Edition

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Homeschool Weekly: Snow Days and Sick Days @
In our homeschool... the week started out with great promise, and the kids really did work hard. But. The momma came down with some kind of plague starting Tuesday evening, and things just went downhill from there, because I let them do their schoolwork on their own. That actually went okay, but both of them did need me to work with them before they could move ahead in a couple of subjects, so those were tabled for next week. Next week - we hope. As long as we're all relatively healthy.
Homeschool Weekly: Snow Days and Sick Days @
I did get their report cards done though, which means the grading was all caught up and assignment lists generated and all of that good stuff. Oh, and they are both passing with flying colors, although they should probably get moving just a bit faster if they want a proper summer break.

In other news... This week the snow came on Monday evening, and caused some cancellations on Tuesday. Kennady's piano lesson and Landon's Civil Air Patrol meeting were cancelled, but we did have gym class and Kennady's choir rehearsal. Oh, and my choir rehearsal was cancelled. As I started feeling unwell late on Tuesday, it was probably for the best.
Homeschool Weekly: Snow Days and Sick Days @
where I spent most of my time this week!
I stayed home from evening activities at church on Wednesday evening, and spent a lot of time Wednesday through Friday sleeping, or barely moving. I figured I'd earned a sick day or two! I certainly wasn't about to knock myself out doing housework or anything like that!

We gathered up all our stashes of loose change and sorted it out this week. (We had some Canadian coins mixed in with American.) I took two heavy buckets of coin to the bank to be counted and deposited into our account - my estimate is that it's just under $200!
Homeschool Weekly: Snow Days and Sick Days @

Homeschool Weekly: Snow Days and Sick Days @

Things that made me smile... I got an invitation to join the writing team at The Homeschool Post (which I accepted!) and that brought a smile to my face! Now I will need to get down to work and start writing, and the first assignment will probably be the hardest - introducing myself. I find it so difficult to write about myself. I bet I spent almost as much time writing a two-sentence byline for guest posts recently as I did writing the articles themselves.

34 Weeks of Clean...
Homeschool Weekly @
I'm participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays but I pretty much took this week off. The assignment was to clean our fridge, freezers, and floors. My fridge could use a bit of a cleaning, but since it did get a thorough cleaning about six weeks ago, it's not in bad shape. Same with the freezers. My floor on the other hand...ugh. It definitely needs a good mop and scrub, but I certainly didn't have the gumption to do it justice this week. I'll just postpone that until I have a bit more energy.

 For Week 5,  the assignment is to organize our recipes! I have a good system... when I keep it up, that is. Since I haven't kept it up recently, I'll have to remedy that this week, and hopefully get my floor properly mopped too. For the details of the assignment, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Join in if you haven't already, and check back next week for our progress!

I recommend... visiting the Schoolhouse Crew blog. There's still time to enter the Out of the Box Games giveaway and you might win a Snake Oil game. You'll find a collection of President's Day resources in this week's round-up of Crew posts. And yours truly was in the Crew Spotlight this week, so you'll find my post "Connecting With the Dots of Geography" there as well. (Shameless self-promotion!)  Of course, I recommend checking the Crew blog often anyway, because there great reviews coming up and there are always new round-ups and crew posts.
Connecting With the Dots of Geography @

On the bookshelf...

Ticker by Lisa Mantchev
When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland
Where Courage Calls by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

A parting shot... even the pennies really add up!
Homeschool Weekly: Snow Days and Sick Days @

Weekly Wrap-Up

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