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July Blogging Challenge - A Few Favorites

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Today's July Blogging Challenge prompt is Favorite Things - and naturally the song from The Sound of Music comes to mind... "These are a few of my favorite things..." I was trying to decide what category of favorite things to focus on, and remembered that I have a series of posts here on my blog that are tagged as "Favorites" so I am going to feature a round-up of those. Some time ago, a blogging friend started a weekly link-up of Favorite Things, and the earliest of these posts were written for that, but since then I have been occasionally tagging posts that talk about Favorites.

Middle School Monday - Reading List and the very similarly titled Middle School Monday - Reading Lists feature some of our favorite books for middle school and high school reading lists. (I know that comes as a surprise!)
Middle School Monday Reading List @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

Chocolate Lace Cheesecake recipe @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com 12 Days of Christmas
It's not surprising that often I wrote about favorite curriculum of one type or another. The following posts all featured some resources that we especially loved: Our Reusable FavoritesMiddle School Monday - Math With FredC is for CurriculumVirtual Refrigerator - A is for Art Resources; and My Favorite Geography Resource. In Blue Ribbon Awards Are Coming Soon! I featured some of our favorite Schoolhouse Crew Review items from the previous year.
C is for Curriculum Favorites

   Geography Through Art

   Our Reusable Favorites - non-consumable curriculum and homeschool resources from Homeschool Coffee Break (kympossibleblog.blogspot.com)

These three posts on my Virtual Refrigerator were a series of drawings Kennady did inspired by some of her favorite books. Oddly, each of them represented a doorway of some kind, which happened to be our Fridge theme for that month! My Fridge posts featured TARDISThe Wardrobe, and A Doorway In Bag End.

Virtual Fridge - Doorway in Bag End @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

H is for Honduras and Honduras is my favorite Central American country. Read the post to find out why!

My Favorite Homeschool Convention Speakers was a post I wrote for the Schoolhouse Review Crew Round-up of tips and insight on attending homeschool conventions.
Homeschool Conventions

Do you have a favorite Olympic Games? I do, and during the most recent Winter Games, I explained why My Favorite Winter Olympic Games were the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Olympic Winter Games 1988

My Favorite Blankets - Flour Sack Quilts is one of several posts in which I've featured these pretty hand-made quilts and why they are so special to me.
Flour Sack Quilts

To celebrate the end of the calendar year, I chose Twelve Coffee Breaks from 2014 to highlight.

Visit This Day Has Great Potential and A Glimpse of Our Life to find out about the other participating bloggers and a few of their favorite things.

July Blogging Challenge

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Totally digging into the slow cooker favorites! BTW the drawings are wonderful!

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Lots of awesome favorites. Geography Through Art sounds intriguing.

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