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Homeschool Weekly - Planning Ahead/Catching Up Edition

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Homeschool Weekly - Planning Ahead/Catching Up Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

In our homeschool . . .  the plan was to knock off as much school as possible this week, to make up some ground after the past two weeks didn't go as planned, and to get us into better shape before next week, when my family will be here. I can't say we hit the "as much as possible" standard, but the kids worked pretty hard and didn't give me any grief about it. They had a tough time getting up in the mornings though! Landon concentrated on History and Literature, and did some Science. Kennady mostly worked on Literature, Science, and Geography.

They had the usual activities again this week - guitar lesson, gym class, choir rehearsal, and Civil Air Patrol. It is actually rather satisfying to get back into the routines, even if they are about to be disrupted again!

Landon and I attended one extra activity related to school too - the grad planning meeting. Now I'm on the organizing team so it's not unusual for that meeting to be on my schedule. But for Landon to be there . . . well, that means he is going to be graduating at the end of this school year! Things are about to get real!

I have one last review to close the Schoolhouse Review Crew year, and I will be sharing that at the beginning of next week. It's The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia, and after some of the craziness of the school year so far, that has been helpful in getting me back on track.

In other news . . .  I was kept busy on the weekend, driving Landon back and forth to a local (okay, not all that local - it's a 45 minute drive!) fire hall's haunted hayride where he directs parking. I tried to make the most of the drive time by listening to the Blue Jays games on the radio (I wish they'd won those games!) and then running some errands.

As of Sunday, we were pretty much back into our usual routines here, and the week included hockey, music, choir, gym, and Wednesday evening church activities. Plus there were some shopping trips that had to be made.

Very late last night the true fun began though, as we got to pick up my parents and aunts from the train station, and we'll be able to enjoy some family time for the entire week ahead!

Things that made me smile . . . Kennady's idea of good costumes for next week!
Homeschool Weekly - Planning Ahead/Catching Up Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I recommend . . . there's one more week to apply for the 2016 Schoolhouse Review CrewGo visit the Crew blog to find out more! Or ask me for information. I know, I probably sound like a broken record on this. But being on the Crew has been such an awesome experience for me, and I want to make sure my blogging homeschooler friends all know about it!

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On the bookshelf . . .

Murther and Walking Spirits by Robertson Davies
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer

I finished Ruby (Dakotah Treasures #1) by Lauraine Snelling last week, and reviewed it this week (Read my review HERE). I also finished and reviewed Fire and Ice (Wild at Heart) by Mary Connealy (Read my review HERE). You can find other reviews and book-related things on my book blog, Just A Second, as well.

A parting shot . . . a sign of the season!

Homeschool Weekly - Planning Ahead/Catching Up Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Megan Russell said...

Love the costume ideas! Is that Carmen San Diego and Waldo?!

Kym said...

Yep - Carmen and Waldo!

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