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War Room DVD (From FishFlix.com - A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

War Room DVD (From FishFlix.com - A Schoolhouse Crew Review) on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

My family has had two previous opportunities to review DVDs from FishFlix.com and both times we've been delighted. Choosing just one title from their list is a challenge, but this time I requested the drama War Room.

FishFlix.com Review

If you're looking for an online source of Christian and family-friendly films, FishFlix.com is the place to go! Their list of available titles include drama, apologetics materials, children's titles, and educational and documentary films - all at great prices. The company is owned by Lukas Media, a family owned business that seeks to honor God with hard work, good service, and quality products. With so many great titles to choose from, FishFlix.com has DVDs to appeal to a wide variety of interests and age groups.

When I looked at the list of titles FishFlix.com asked the Crew to choose from, there were several that caught my eye, but what I most wanted was to finally be able to watch War Room all the way through! I hadn't managed to see it during its theater run, and had seen only clips of it earlier this year when our church hosted a small group prayer study based on the movie. I enjoyed the little bits I'd seen, and it came highly recommended by friends who had seen the movie.

FishFlix.com Review

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have been drifting apart and their home is full of tension and conflict, even though they are going through the motions - even attending church. In her job as a realtor, Elizabeth meets Miss Clara, an elderly widow who asks Elizabeth some pointed questions about her marriage and her faith. At first, Elizabeth is uncomfortable with Miss Clara's insightful comments and questions, but when Miss Clara shows her the "war room" - her most favorite place in the house she is selling - Elizabeth is intrigued. The "war room" is Miss Clara's closet, and it's where she says she does her fighting on her knees in prayer. She offers to teach Elizabeth how to fight for her own marriage and family this way.

Back at home, Elizabeth realizes that her marriage is on extremely shaky ground and that their daughter feels unhappy, insecure, and unloved as a result. Elizabeth accepts Miss Clara's offer and begins transforming her closet into her own war room. She learns to accept and extend grace and forgiveness, and to rely on the Lord and on the power of prayer to save her family. Tony is still distancing himself from the family, rejecting the concerns of his friend, engaging in dishonest practices in his job, and even considering breaking his marriage vows. Things go from bad to worse for him, but Elizabeth has been inspired to pray boldly for her husband, and her own heart has changed so that she is ready to offer him grace when he is fired and is confronted by his own sin and failures.

The movie is so well-done, with characters that are easy to sympathize with and root for, and the story does a wonderful job of demonstrating the power of prayer to change our hearts and give hope and peace no matter what our circumstances. The challenge to Christians is compelling - prayer is our most powerful weapon against the real enemy.

If you've already seen War Room, then I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's a movie worth owning and watching again. And if, like me, you'd missed seeing it in the theater, let me assure you that it is definitely worth it for you to own and watch at home! There are a number of bonus features on the DVD that add to the value - fun and interesting bonuses like the bloopers, deleted scenes, and commentary; and some additional encouragement in the form of devotionals.

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War Room DVD (From FishFlix.com - A Schoolhouse Crew Review) on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

Would you like to own this DVD or others from FishFlix.com? Here's what you need to know:

Visit the website: http://FishFlix.com/

War Room is rated PG, and running time is 120 minutes. 

Pricing: War Room is currently available for $16.99

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War Room DVD (From FishFlix.com - A Schoolhouse Crew Review) on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

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