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Looking Back at the Third Quarter

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Looking Back at the Third Quarter on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

One last checkpoint prior to the end of the year - the end of third quarter was last week. It doesn't affect us directly, since we don't do quarterly report cards, but it just makes sense to take a look at where we are and see what we have left to cram into the final quarter of the school year!

It's obviously very important that Landon be finished - or very close to finished - his course work so that he can graduate with a clear conscience. Kennady still has a lot of wiggle room, since she is a freshman. Surprisingly, she has struggled with staying on track lately, so I've made some bigger adjustments to her lesson plans to help keep her workload more manageable. With Landon, it's just a matter of keeping his nose to the grindstone, and thankfully he is doing a pretty good job of that. I do see a couple places where I will need to crack the whip though!

As for me, I've stepped up my own game and have kept the Homeschool Tracker up to date. I do need to be more vigilant about checking the kids' work and being sure that they have done the assignments they were supposed to.

Science - feeling pretty good about both kids finishing up in a timely manner. I switched up the order that Kennady is working through the course, and that has made a big difference. She's enjoying the Biology unit a lot more, and so it's going a lot faster. (This is the one subject I'm behind in grading though, so I need to get on that.)

Math - Ugh. Kennady is plugging away, but reluctantly. She's also doing the A+ Interactive Math mini-courses, which means putting in more time on a subject she doesn't care for, but is also giving me some peace of mind that she doesn't have big holes in her understanding of some foundational concepts.

Grammar/Composition - The composition portion is going very well. We've never been able to settle on a definite schedule, but have managed to get everything done anyway. For both kids, the grammar portion is done whenever it works, so I'm not concerned about that either. It's going well.

Literature - Landon has only one novel left to read, I believe; maybe two, so he's in fairly decent shape. Kennady, although she enjoys reading, reads very slowly. I'm still trying to determine whether it's because she reads slowly, or because she gets distracted or lets her mind wander and can't concentrate on the book. In any case, because she is getting bogged down with all the reading expected of her, I told her to finish the novel and unit she is working on now, and then leave it for the time being. I'll probably just award the credit next year too.

History/Geography - Currently, my biggest concern for both kids. Neither of them are at the three-quarters point in their studies, but there's nothing to be done other than put in some extra time and see if they can get caught up. For Kennady, it means we'll skip the extras we were hoping to add on, but I guess that's not a big deal. For Landon, I may be okay with cutting back on some of the written work.

Electives and everything else - Landon has some finishing up to do with Drafting; and he is working on Consumer Math. I don't have worries with either one, although I wish he'd knock off some of the Consumer Math stuff a bit quicker! Kennady had started on her Health text at midterm - at about the same time I'd decided that maybe she should leave that course until next year! But since she'd started I let her go with it. It was fine for awhile, but knowing that Geography and Math were getting left in the dust, I went back to my decision to shelve Health for the time being. I hope that by lightening her load a bit, she will find a bit more motivation to get through the things that she finds challenging.

How are things going in your homeschool?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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Here's cheating on reading: my bro in law showed me some tips on speed reading!

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