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52 Lists #37 - Shopping List

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52 Lists #37 - Shopping List on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - some places I actually LIKE to shop!

It is 52 Lists time, and we are naming our favorite places to shop! (See details and more lists at 52 Lists at Beauty Full Slow.)

There's this generalization that women love to shop, but I can't really say that I do. It's not that I don't ever find shopping enjoyable, but I don't exactly look forward with eager anticipation to shopping excursions. In fact, I often find shopping frustrating or discouraging. Shopping for clothes is usually a reminder that I'm not the size I wish I was, and that my tastes are out of line with my budget. Shopping for groceries is a chore on my to-do list - one I don't mind, but still not exactly a thrill. Christmas shopping tries my patience because I don't like crowds and also I'm a fast walker. So yeah, online shopping is the way to go whenever I can!

But with all that said, these are the places that I prefer to shop, or even *gasp* like to shop.
  • Wegman's - my favorite grocery store chain, and this is even a date night stop for me and the hubster sometimes! 
  • Boscov's - my favorite department store
  • bookstores - just in general, I love bookstores, especially second-hand shops
  • Lowe's - weird, right? I especially like the lighting department. And this is also a date night stop! 
  • Amazon - because they have everything, and when I shop I use the Smile link for a favorite charity; and because I earn a little bit of kickback when my friends shop using my affiliate links. And did I mention books? And Kindles? 
  • Mixed Bag fundraising sale - First, they have so much cool stuff. Second, it's a fundraiser that I actually don't mind promoting because it's different from the same-old-same-old. And third, because right now is when my daughter's chorus is actively doing a Mixed Bag fundraiser. If you're curious, my link will take you to the online store; and if you find something you'd like to order, would you leave a comment so I can contact you? That way I can give you the ID info so that Kennady gets the credit - this fundraiser helps the chorus members pay their way for chorus trips, and she is saving for the big trip to a choral festival in New Orleans in June.
mixed bag fundraiser -

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one. ~Erma Bombeck
The above is especially true at Wegman's - even when I am going in specifically for the Marco Polo bread that is my favorite!

52 Lists #37 - Shopping List on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - some places I actually LIKE to shop!

52 Lists #37 - Shopping List on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - some places I actually LIKE to shop!
Cheese! Glorious Cheese! Another reason I love Wegman's.

Where do you like to shop? Or would you rather not shop? Leave a comment and let me know, and visit Beauty Full Slow to see more.

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Todayisme said...

Groceries and books are two of my favorites as well! So easy to just get lost for hours in both stores!

Joanne said...

I used to LOVE to shop but I do find it more of a chore now. I find clothing styles are either way to young looking or way to old looking and if I want to go anywhere I usually have to drag my three boys. Shopping with three boys is never fun.

Kym said...

I agree about shopping for clothes! And yes, having to take kids along - especially boys - can make shopping a bigger challenge.

~a homemaker said...

Yum, on the cheese! I think I eat several slices each day :) I haven't been to a Wegman's, but I actually have heard that they are well liked.

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