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From the High School Lesson Book - Schedule Adjustments

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From the High School Lesson Book - Schedule Adjustments on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - about a month into the school year we've made our first adjustment to our schedule so it (hopefully) works better for us

I mentioned in my Homeschool Weekly summary that we are tweaking our schedule just a little bit. When discussing her courses and how much time she needs to spend on each, Kennady said that she finds it easier to focus on one subject at a time, and maybe spend an entire morning or most of a day on it than to switch subjects every hour or so. I feel strongly that she needs to do math pretty much every day in order to retain it; and we agreed that Notgrass History really needs to be done every day as well. That left us with Science, Health, and Grammar/Composition that we might be able to play with a bit. After a bit of thought we decided to do Science one or two days a week, and that we'd leave the composition part of her English course until she was finished Health. I'm pretty sure she could finish Health by about the end of the first quarter, so that should work out quite well.

So our curriculum line-up right now looks more or less like this on a weekly basis:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are full school days most weeks. On each of those days, Kennady will work on:

Life of Fred Algebra and occasionally some CTCMath as a supplement.
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Exploring World History from Notgrass which covers History, Bible, and Literature.

Curriculum Favorites From the High School Lesson Book on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - part of a round-up of favorite curriculum for the

Tuesdays will be short school days because of the extra-curriculars we do. Phys.Ed. is in the afternoon, and Children's Chorus is in the evening, so that leaves about two hours in the morning to work on school. I will be recommending she start with her Notgrass course on Tuesdays, since each unit has five daily lessons.

On one or two days each week (more or less her choice which ones), she will work on:

Health (BJU Press) - until she's finished the course.

Biology 101 from Answers in Genesis with some written work from and other resources.


Fix-it! Grammar and on occasion the 14-Minute Power Surge Assignments from The Power in Your Hands from Writing with Sharon Watson. We have been doing about two weeks worth of lessons from Fix-It! Grammar in a sitting, which is a quick and painless way to review (at this point) parts of speech, punctuation, and other grammar basics. So once a week works great for this. The 14-Minute Power Surges - as the name suggests! - are writing prompts designed to take 15 minutes or less and just get some creative thoughts down on paper that can be further developed and polished into essays later on. Once Kennady has completed Health, we will delve into the actual writing lessons in The Power in Your Hands, and see how well it works to do it two or three times per week.

Institute for Excellence in Writing, A Schoolhouse Crew Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @  Writing with Sharon Watson Review

Guitar lessons are on Wednesday afternoons, late enough that we should be able to do a full day of school before heading to the studio. It does make for a short window of time between the lesson and our evening church activities, but we're making that work!

Extras - we want to keep up our Poetry Memorization from IEW so we'll fit that in when and where we can. Although I'm not sure that it will be a credit course, Kennady will do art projects along the way. And of course, there are opportunities for us to try other curriculum and resources through the Homeschool Review Crew, so we'll fit those in as needed and adjust our schedule if necessary.

  Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization  IEW Review

What is your weekly schedule looking like so far this school year? Have you had to make any adjustments? Leave a comment and let me know! Then please link your posts about homeschooling high school here - I'd love to see what you are working on! Also, please visit your neighbors and leave some encouraging comments!

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