Thursday, March 23, 2017

Science: How We See the World on The Homeschool Post

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When asked which subjects they are worried about teaching, homeschool parents will often list science as one that intimidates them, especially in the higher grades. I used to be one of those parents, and I realized that it was largely because my own school experience with the sciences wasn't entirely positive. I remember almost nothing about science in grade school, but had a couple of very good teachers in middle school that inspired me to take more interest. However, in high school I was shoved into the pre-packaged courses which forced me to take Biology and Chemistry in the same year, but wouldn't allow me to start Physics (which was the course that interested me and the one I wanted to study) until my junior year. When I talk to homeschool parents that are concerned about teaching science to their own kids, I find that their own schooling experience was rife with the kind of frustration and confusion that I faced. How can we do a good job teaching our kids a subject that we don't understand?

There are co-ops, tutors, and online classes that can take the pressure off the parent to handle science, but let me assure you, Homeschool Mom, that you can teach science, and it's quite possible that you'll enjoy it too! I learned to love science as I was teaching it. 

Find out how that happened, and about a couple of our favorite Science curriculum choices. It's all at The Homeschool Post, along with many other helpful articles about teaching Science and homeschooling in general.

How has the study of Science helped you to see the world? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Joanne said...

Ooh! I LOVED chemistry; I am definitely not the norm. since most homeschooling moms I talk to love teaching history and dread science but I love teaching science and still feel pretty blah about history. :)

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