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Homeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain

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Homeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool news  . . . All classes are up and running now, except for Consumer Math. We'll start that a little later, probably in the second quarter. We're also waiting to start guitar lessons until after our vacation. Kennady is getting her routine settled and working on History every day, and French almost every day. Right now her Creative Writing and Public Speaking classes don't have enough work that she has to work on them every day, but she has been spreading out the homework she does have so she doesn't have to do it all on one day. There are still some bumps in that road, but overall I'm pleased. Yesterday was the second week of co-op classes and that went smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy their classes.

Homeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain on Homeschool Coffee Break @
Remembering 9/11

Other news . . . let me clarify that although we got a lot of rain and there was some flooding, we are not in the path of Hurricane Florence, so we really have no worries at this point. It basically started raining Friday evening and we didn't get much of a break until midweek. On Saturday we got our windshield replaced, but because of the rain, the car had to be taken over the greenhouse so the work could be done under shelter. That was fun. By Sunday afternoon it had rained so much that the bridges out of our area were all closed due to flooding. The hubster had an interesting time getting to hockey in the evening and had to go a long way around. But it got better - he phoned me to say the car wouldn't start (battery was dead) so the boys had to drive that long way around to go down and give him a boost. On Monday morning Spencer and I both had to take the 'long way' to get to work, but by Tuesday evening the creeks had gone down enough so that the roads were open again.

 As usual, the week has gone by in a blur of activity. Work, chorus rehearsals, Civil Air Patrol, church activities, and more! And next week is at least as packed full of activity.

What's Working . . . well, I know we're only a couple weeks in, but I feel pretty good about the routine we're starting to settle into. Kennady is actually getting up on time in the mornings and seems to have a pretty good system for getting through all her schoolwork. So far the workload of assignments isn't that heavy, but getting good habits established for the school year will help as things get busier. Right?! We'll see what happens when we have to get back to it after vacation.

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A parting shot . . . I noticed something a little unusual when I stopped at Starbucks one day. I'm used to seeing these Maryland mugs because . . . well, we live in Maryland, so it just makes sense, right?

Homeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.comHomeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain on Homeschool Coffee Break @

But what caught my eye was this part of the display. Mugs from La Belle Province Quebec. Which is in Canada. Why are these mugs here, Starbucks? I mean, they are pretty, and I think I'm going to buy one just because . . . who else will? Kennady likes mugs, and she's studying French, so I think I can justify it as a school expense. What do you think? Any idea what the Starbucks people were thinking? The barista was just as puzzled as I was.

Homeschool Highlights - The Week With All the Rain on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Those mugs are super cute! !enjoyed your wrap-up!

Ruth said...

I am glad to hear that you are safe from the hurricane. Blessings to you!

Kirsten West said...

The pictures from Niagra Falls look amazing! I am hoping we can take our kids there in a couple years. It is one of those places I would just love to see for myself once. I am really glad that you and Kennady are getting into the school year flow. It can be really hard to get that schedule going again at the start of the new year. :)

Tracey said...

I'm new to your blog. It looks great!

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