Friday, September 13, 2019

Homeschool Highlights - College and Co-op Week Two

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This week's news  . . . we enjoyed a low key weekend, mostly staying at home. But on Sunday afternoon I did spend some time at the Back To Homeschool picnic hosted by our homeschool fellowship group.

Oh! And I got to pick up our 2018-2019 yearbook too!

Week Two of college and work was at least as hectic as Week One, I think. We're figuring out how best to work out ride-sharing on most days. This week I needed to get the car serviced and run some errands so I gave Kennady a ride to the college and then picked her up afterwards. It wasn't our favorite way of doing it, but it worked, so we can do that when necessary. And we tried having her drop me off at co-op and pick me up afterwards on Thursday. We'll probably change that up from week to week depending on the situation. And now she is back to work but on Fridays, so we have to figure out a workable ride-share set-up for one more day each week!

Tuesday was a fun day because my chorus rehearsals started up, and Kennady has been looking forward to joining! She sings soprano and I sing alto, so we sit basically on opposite corners of the rehearsal room, but it's still something we can do together and I'm pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastic she is about singing with what we've jokingly called the "old people choir"! (There really is a mix of ages in the choir, but there are more older than younger.)

On Wednesday we had our kickoff for youth and children's programs at church. For the first time, we have NO youth OR children in our family! There is a college age young adult group though, which my kids all attend, so we all went to kickoff. Landon and his girlfriend will both be leaders in the children's program, so that's pretty exciting.

Kennady got some exciting news this week - she is the recipient of a music scholarship at the college, so we plan to attend the college music festival this weekend that serves as a fundraiser for that scholarship. Our understanding is that they will announce her as the scholarship winner, or maybe even present it to her, so that's very cool!

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Annette said...

Ah Kym, I know the struggle is real when it comes to paring down the book collection. :) Have fun singing in the choir eh?

Cara said...

What wonderful news about the music scholarship! And how fun to sing in the same choir as your girl.

Chris and Dawn said...

It is great that you get to connect and bond over the choir. I hope I am able to continue connecting with my children over shared interests as they get older.

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