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Twenty-Six Lists - Some Favorite Photos (Grad Theme) - #twentysixlists

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Welcome to Twenty Six Lists! I hope you'll join me in using some fun List prompts for writing. Every other week I'll share a writing prompt and invite you to link up your list, and wherever the prompt takes you. You may want to simply make a list of five or ten items that answer the prompt, or you may elaborate on the items in your list, or even write an entire article. Be creative, and have fun!

I'm ready for something positive and fun - sharing some favorite photos! Come up with a theme for your favorites or just the favorites from the last month, or whatever you like. 

Looks like this will be a long post for me because it's hard to narrow down favorites! Since this is graduation season, I chose some favorite grad photos of each of my kids, plus some favorites from the family vacation for each of their senior years. We did "Summer of . . . " for each kid when they finished high school, allowing them to decide what we did for family vacation the summer after their grad, since it was potentially their last family vacation.

List #12 - Favorite Photos

Harrison - Class of 2010

The Summer of Harrison was a trip to Cedar Point and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. We also spent some time on the beaches.

I love these last two photos for how fun they were.

Spencer - Class of 2013

I love the next photo from the grad ceremony. Our pastor gave the commencement address, and it was powerful and memorable. 

The Summer of Spencer was actually in autumn. He wanted to visit my family in Alberta, so we planned the trip in October to coincide with my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. We visited Glacier National Park, Calgary, Banff, and Kimberley on this trip.

The kids did a lot of these "album art" photos over the years, and this one in Glacier is a classic.

All the cousins (except Harrison) doing a goofy photo at the anniversary party.

Landon - Class of 2016

The Summer of Landon took us to Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Toronto. We visited Harrison and Angela in Columbus, and hubby's family in Ontario. We went back to Cedar Point as well, but the theme of the summer was baseball. We went to games in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and at home in Washington, as well as some minor league games.

The reason I love this rather low quality photo is because it's the kids and hubby all playing video games at the arcade.

Kennady - Class of 2019

The Summer of Kennady was done a little differently, because part of the fun is being able to go do things with others, but she's the youngest. She wanted to visit conservatories and gardens, so we did one trip to Columbus and Pittsburgh to visit the conservatories there. In Columbus, of course we got to spend time with Harrison and his family. Then we took day trips to the conservatories in Baltimore and Washington, and to Longwood Gardens. That way we could take her friend (and soon-to-be sister-in-law) Meaghan to Baltimore, and her boyfriend William to Longwood.

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