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Online Book Club - Wrapping Up July: Dream Destinations

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Online Book Club - July Theme: Dream Destinations

I've joined in with some blogging friends for an online book club, and we are wrapping up this week. By the way, all our readers are invited to join in as well. Each month we'll have a theme to build our book picks around, and our July theme was Dream Destinations. 

I chose my books a little differently this month, and wrote about some homeschool curriculum we've used in past years. All focused on geography in some way, because my list of dream destinations is a long one, and that's one reason I enjoy geography so much!

So here are the three posts I shared during the month:

First, in Dream Destinations - Europe, I talked about the geography study Visits to Europepublished by Simply Charlotte Mason. There are two additional books that went with this study - Material World and Hungry Planet, both by Peter Menzel - that we highly recommend.

Visits to Europe

Hungry Planet and Material World

In Dream Destinations - Cultural Geography, I shared about the textbook by the same name. Cultural Geography from BJUPress is a rigorous high school level study that we used over two years. The first year we used it combined with Visits to Europe. 

Middle School Monday - Looking Ahead to Grade 9 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

And at the beginning of this week, I finished the series with Dream Destinations - Artistic and Culinary Travels. One of the best ways we've found to visit dream destinations from the comfort and safety of home is to explore the folk arts and the national foods of other parts of the world. This post featured one of my favorite resources, Geography Through Art by Sharon Jeffus and Jamie Aramini. I also listed some of the best cookbooks we found, including Eat Your Way Around the World by Jamie Aramani.

Geography Through Art

Middle School Monday: Geography Homeschool Coffee Break @

Cultural Geography resources Homeschool Coffee Break @

It didn't get its own post, but I should mention another geography and social studies favorite, Around the World in 180 Days. This one is basically a giant unit study spine, but it's so versatile and can be used with all ages. The study covers geography, history, and world cultures over an entire school year - or 180 days! - but it's easy to spread it out and use it over two or three years, or to just pick and choose parts of it to use as a supplement to other studies.

And finally, if you're homeschooling this coming year - veteran or brand new homeschooler - and want to learn more about destinations around the world, I want to make this recommendation. Explore the world with! Use the code: EXPLORE at checkout to pay only $179 for a two-year Ultimate Membership. You'll get a free Explore the World Tote too. If you're not familiar with, it's one-stop hub for all things homeschool curriculum and resources. You'll find curriculum and supplemental resources for all ages and grade levels, and in all subject areas. We're focusing on Geography today, so here are some highlights in that subject area:

Spotlight on Homeschool Geography:
Help your children learn more about our amazing world with the homeschool geography courses on Your students can learn from a dozen geography courses that explore Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Holy Land, the United States, and more! 
Asia: Trade Route Safari takes you to the dream destination of the ancient Silk Road. You'll visit more than thirty countries, learn some history, and meet the people. This course incorporates several subjects while exploring. (Grades 2-5) 

Or maybe your dream destination is the Holy Land (it's one of my dream destinations!). You can see it in the videos in Trek to the Holy Land and Beyond. (Grades 6-8)

The Everyday Explorers series are geography studies of various countries and regions with a selection of activities designed for all grade levels. Of course I think Everyday Explorers: Canada is a perfect dream destination to start with!

I've always been fascinated by the Seven Wonders of the World. Talk about dream destinations! Explore the Wonders of the World in a five-week mini-course. (Grades 3-5)

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