Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Currently . . . April 6, 2022

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Time for this month's "Currently" link-up with Anne in Residence. Anne posts five action verb prompts for the month and writers respond. Answering the prompts has reminded me how busy I am yet I don't feel like I'm getting a whole lot done. So maybe it can be used as a therapeutic exercise to help me with a little motivation!

getting - taxes done much later than usual. We always try to get it all looked after by the beginning of March, but it's also getting more complicated every year and I am getting more obsessive about checking it a bajillion times for accuracy. 

the Blue Man Group stage after the show at Hershey Theater

going - to a couple of concerts, which is fun! We went to see Blue Man Group on Friday - at last! We bought the tickets well over two years ago, and the show was finally rescheduled from the summer of 2020 to April 2022. I'm going with my husband to see Brit Floyd again tomorrow. I actually don't even like Pink Floyd at all, but hey, it's a date night! Our daughter's university choir concert is on Saturday evening and I'm really looking forward to that one, although it will be much different from the other two!

planning - for the summer, or starting to. I'm trying to get a knee surgery scheduled for early June, and hopefully that will give me enough time to recover and be mobile so we can go on a little trip by the end of July. It will be a summer close to home for the most part though.

posting - late and sporadically on my blogs. I've really been struggling with my time management lately, especially when it comes to writing! Also have been falling behind in my efforts to read other blogs and comment, and just having trouble keeping up with life in general. 

thinking - about spring cleaning and the home improvement projects we need or want to do, and how to prioritize things. My time management woes spill into this area too, as you might imagine. I feel like I need a week at home with an incredible burst of energy so I can build some momentum on all the things!


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Memphis Bridges said...

I have said the same thing about needing a week at home to get things done! So fun you are able to go to concerts again. I love listening to live music. My sister just had knee replacement surgery in February and it has been a slow recovery, but she is doing so well. Have a good day!

Natasha said...

I too feel like I'm late to a few posts on my blog. Sometimes blogging just isn't a priority.

Jennifer said...

All the best with that spring cleaning - so easy to procrastinate with that..especially when it is so pretty outside! - and, of course, with that knee surgery too!!

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